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Sat, June 10, 2023 | 20:15
Adobe signals 2020 end for Flash
Adobe Flash, which has been criticized many times for being vulnerable to malware, is set to disappear by the end of 2020. Adobe said on Tuesday it would stop updating and distributing the Flash Player and only provide security updates.
Outrage grows over suicides, bullying in 22 Infantry Division
The recent suicide of a conscript in 22 Infantry Division has again put the spotlight on the division’s cycle of suicides because of alleged bullying. The private first class jumped to his death on July 19 during a visit to the Armed Forces Capital Hospital.
Apollo 11 moon dust sells for $1.8 mil
Moon dust” collected by Apollo 11, the first manned space shuttle to land on the moon, sold for $1.8 million (2 billion won)) at an auction on Thursday, the Chicago Tribune reports.
Police discharge photo causes sexual harassment controversy
A photo of a soon-to-be discharged group of police on mandatory conscription duty leering at the police force’s female mascot is sexual harassment, angry citizens claim.
'Show Me the Money' rapper convicted of dating violence
Iron, the runner-up in season three of the popular rap show “Show Me the Money,” has received a suspended jail term for assaulting his ex-girlfriend.
Flood of foreign workers puts Koreans out of a job
Foreign workers are flooding Gangwon Province construction sites, driving domestic workers out of a job, according to a Gangwon Construction Workers’ Union report published Tuesday.
Time runs out for the law: Sri Lankan freed over aggravated rape
The Supreme Court on Tuesday acquitted a Sri Lankan man, 51, who was identified as the culprit in an aggravated rape that happened 19 years ago. The man stood trial after the prosecution re-opened its investigation of the case based on new evidence. But the man was freed because the crime exceeded the statute of limitations and because
Sex crimes: Airbnb under fire over rogue hosts
A Japanese home-stay operator who allegedly sexually assaulted a Korean guest on Monday is an Airbnb host, adding to controversy surrounding some of the home-sharing application’s members. Incidents in the past year have heightened concerns.
Suicide attempts viewed as immoral, selfish, unfilial
Koreans regard people who attempt suicide as immoral, selfish and unfilial, according to a research published in a Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs report on Sunday. The researchers, from Ewha Womans University, said this view was one of the “main reasons Korea ranks low among the world providing mental health services despite the country’s high suicide rate.”
Korea's biggest queer festival continues
Korea's biggest annual queer festival continued without any hitch after it got under way in Seoul Friday evening for a 10-day run.
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