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Fri, September 29, 2023 | 00:26
Passenger dragged bleeding from overbooked United Airlines plane [VIDEO]
Major U.S. carrier United Airlines is facing heavy criticism after dragging a passenger from an overbooked plane on Monday. A video posted online shows the screaming man, who appears to be Asian, bleeding from the mouth as security officers drag him away. The video caused instant uproar as it is the second time in a month that United Airlines has been accused of treating pass...
Record number of Koreans overseas to vote for next president
A record number of South Koreans living overseas will cast ballots for the May 9 presidential election, the national election watchdog said Monday. The National Election Commission (NEC) said 294,633 of an estimated 1.97 million Koreans overseas, or 14.9 percent -- up 32.5 percent from the previous presidential election in 2012 -- will participate in a six day-poll from Apr. ...
Inside Sewol ferry [PHOTOS+VIDEO]
The ill-fated ferry Sewol was finally moved to a dry dock from the semi-submersible recovery ship on Sunday, 1,089 days after the tragic sinking off the southwestern island of Jindo. Soon after the transfer, the Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries released pictures taken inside the half-destroyed hull. The pictures show severe corrosion and rusting here and there as well as the u...
Minor quake jolts Changwon
A minor 2.3 magnitude earthquake rattled the southeastern city of Changwon on Monday morning. There were no reports of damage or casualties. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), the quake took place at 4:02 a.m. about six kilometers east-north-east of the city. "The tremor was too weak to feel," a KMA official said.
[Crime Scene] Graduate student used school lab to cook meth
A graduate student from Yonsei University has been indicted for allegedly making methamphetamine in the school laboratory, the Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office said on Monday. The student, surnamed Hwang, 25, majored in chemistry and was suspected of making 13 grams of methamphetamine, worth 3.9 million won ($3,489), from last October to November.
[Crime Scene] Police arrest man over alleged sexual assault of Japanese tourist in Seoul
A Korean man in his 30s, surnamed Kim, has been arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a Japanese tourist he met at a nightclub in Gangnam, Seoul, according to Gangnam police station on Monday. The tourist in her 20s reportedly visited the club with a friend and met Kim. Kim allegedly sexually assaulted her after taking her to an emergency stairway.
[Crime Scene] High school dropout brutally murders neighbor's child
Police have arrested a female high school dropout for murdering and chopping up the body of a girl, 8, whose parents had reported her missing. The dropout, 17, stabbed the girl several times, then chopped up the body and disposed the remains in two trash bags inside a water tank on the roof of her apartment, said the police. The teenager had been treated for seven years for d...
Woman dead after drinking 60 bottles of soju with friend
An unidentified woman was found dead at a motel in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province, after drinking soju for 10 straight days with a male acquaintance, according to Jeongseon Police Station on Thursday. The two reportedly met at an alcohol treatment center and left for the city on Mar. 19 with one agenda: “Drink until death.” When the man, 44, told his mother the woman might be de...
Former captain does not want to talk about Sewol
The jailed former captain of the sunken Sewol ferry does not want to talk about the tragedy, a prison official says. Lee Joon-seok was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison on Nov. 12, 2015, for negligence contributing to the deaths of more than 300 passengers in April 2014. “Lee doesn’t want to talk about anything to do with the Sewol,” a Suncheon Prison offici...
Two minor quakes hit Gyeongju consecutively
Two minor 3.3 and 2.5 magnitude earthquakes rattled the southeastern city of Gyeongju on Friday afternoon. There were no reports of damage or casualties. According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), the quakes took place at 1:46 p.m. and 1:53 p.m. about six kilometers south-south-west of the city. The last aftershock in Gyeongju was on Jan. 6.