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Thu, September 28, 2023 | 23:25
Firefighters still battling Samcheok blaze after Gangneung fire put out
Firefighters and soldiers are still trying to extinguish a forest fire near the city of Samcheok, with only 30 percent of the blaze brought under control. Two houses have been destroyed and about 80 hectares burned. Nearby villagers have been evacuated. The KFS deployed 22 helicopters and 2,200 ground personnel to fight the blaze and another near Gangneung. The fire near Gang...
[Crime Scene] Driver booked for deliberately ramming police car
A driver has been booked for ramming a police vehicle several times, according to Gyeyang Police Station Saturday.
China 'wants US Pacific commander removed' as part of N. Korea sanctions deal
China has demanded that U.S. Pacific Commander Harry Harris be removed in exchange for strengthening sanctions against North Korea, according to Kyodo News citing sources familiar with U.S.-China relations.
'Don't test our patience': North Korea implies 'damaged' alliance with Beijing
North Korea’s state media made a rare, direct criticism of China saying its “reckless remarks” on the North's nuclear program are testing its patience and could trigger unspecified “grave” consequences. The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), through a commentary written identified only as ...
N. Korea building islands for missile launches [PHOTOS]
North Korea is building three islands near Sohae, a port city about 200 kilometers west of Pyongyang, for what appears to be military bases for missile launches, according to the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday.
Parents allowing 'hagwon' to beat their kids for better grades
Some parents are still condoning “hagwon,” or private academies, beating their children to achieve better grades, according to Korea’s private education industry.
'Don't move or I'll shoot' - China teaching Korean to soldiers on N. Korean border
Chinese soldiers stationed along the North Korean border are learning Korean in case North Koreans cross the border to flee any U.S. attacks, according to a Japanese news outlet Tuesday.
'Trump is a CROOK' pro-North Korean daily blasts US leader over THAAD cost
A pro-North Korea newspaper in Japan says U.S. President Donald Trump is a “crook” for his abrupt and seemingly uncoordinated demand that South Korea pay for its THAAD anti-missile system.
Leadcorp chief jailed for taking kickbacks
The Supreme Court has upheld a guilty verdict against Leadcorp Chairman Seo Hong-min, sentencing him to two years’ jail and fining him 1.4 billion won ($1.2 million).
Australian graffiti artist arrested for defacing subway car
An Australian, whose identity is unknown, has been arrested for defacing a subway car, according to Suseo Police Station Sunday.