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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 18:59
Another alleged police torture case surfaces
The nation’s human rights agency said Friday it is scrutinizing two alleged cases of torture by police on criminal suspects.
One summer night at downtown hotel
If you dread all the trouble involved with traveling to beaches or other bustling tourist attractions during summer vacation, what about opting to enjoy a serene, leisurely holiday at a decent hotel in downtown Seoul?
KU to run Korea University Studies course
Korea University (KU) reminds people of “Minjok Godae” and “makgeolli” among other things. “Minjok Godae” means “people’s Korea University” and makgeolli is the milky traditional Korean alcoholic drink that has been loved by everyday folk for hundreds of years.
Sex offender confesses to crime
A man, who was arrested Saturday on charges of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old elementary school girl in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul last month, confessed to the crime, police said, Sunday.
Key figure in illegal surveillance faces summons today
The prosecution will today summon Lee In-kyu, one of the key figures involving the unauthorized surveillance of a businessman by the Prime Minister’s Office, according to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office said Sunday.
Smart culture to rule way of doing business
He posts a few informative, insightful lines on Twitter in the early morning every day to more than 1,500 followers. He uses two smartphones.
Mayor Oh’s 2nd term
Mayor Oh Se-hoon started his second four-year term on July 1. It's one month after he won the mayoral election in what is seen as one of the most dramatic upsets in the history of domestic polls.
Bills aimed at easing foreign investment to be unveiled next month
The government will unveil a package of bills to drastically revise the framework of laws governing foreign investment in Korea around August as part of moves to strengthen the nation's competitiveness.
Work-related compensation stops at door
A court ruled that the boundary where a civil servant’s work-related compensation for industrial accident stops at the doorstep of a house.
Student dead in drinking bout
A high school student has died after a bout of overdrinking in a competition with his senior to determine who could drink more.
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