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Mon, February 26, 2024 | 23:57
Comedian slapped with fine for defaming lawmaker
A comedian was slapped with a 500,000 won fine by a court for defamatory remarks about a ruling party lawmaker.
Man ordered to pay compensation for affair
A 77-year-old man has been ordered to pay a large amount of alimony to his wife for an extramarital affair he had with a younger woman lasting 12 years, according to a Seoul family court.
Specter of war
South Korea deserves a lot of credit for seamlessly hosting the G20 summit on Nov. 11 and 12. For months, a countless number of government officials and police officers as well as volunteers sweated and toiled in preparation for the event.
Govt to double traffic violation fines in school zones
Drivers who violate traffic laws within school zones will face up to double the fine for the same offense, with the revised ordinance effective from Jan. 1.
Man takes own life after row with wife
A man in his 60s took his own life when his wife lost consciousness after he threw a porcelain pot at her, police said Friday.
Respect of law essential for rule of law
South Korea has shown the world that it has come of age by smoothly hosting the G20 Seoul Summit on Nov. 11 and 12.
Positive changes needed at school
Taking the helm of the education ministry is a tough job in Korea where all parents are experts when it comes to issues about how to educate their children.
Ban on rallies near embassies gets nod
The Constitutional Court ruled Wednesday that the law restricting rallies near foreign embassies is constitutional.
[60thAnni] Flexible working to help women pursue careers
Competition is getting fiercer in every sector of the Korean society. To hang onto their jobs and get promoted, many salaried workers here come to office early in the morning and work late into night.
A street vendors tale
He sells packs of chewing gum on the street. If it’s not a rainy day, he can be spotted every afternoon on the corner of the entrance to the Myeongdong commercial district in central Seoul.
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