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Mon, February 26, 2024 | 00:01
Caffe Bene suffers from rapid growth pains
Move over Starbucks, homegrown brand Caffe Bene is fast catching up with its U.S.-based rival.
Can Paris Baguette, Tous Les Jours make it overseas?
The ``bakery war’’ between Paris Baguette of SPC Group and Tous Les Jours of CJ Foodville recently sank to a new low, when a debt-ridden baker of Tous Les Jours plotted to bring down a cross-street rival Paris Baguette in Pyeongtaek by planting a dead rat in a loaf of bread.
Twinsumers, social-lites, wellthy will set trends for 2011
``Social-lites and twinsumers,’’ ``urbanomics,’’ ``pricing pandemonium,’’ ``Made for China’’ and ``wellthy’’ are just some of the consumer trend buzzwords to watch out for in 2011, according to, a leading consumer trends firm.
Why are firms calendar-crazy?
It’s just over a week before the New Year, so how many 2011 calendars and diaries have you received?
Counterfeit Vuitton bags — distorted status symbol
The streets of Seoul are filled with women of all ages carrying easily recognizable Louis Vuitton canvas handbags on their arms. One may initially assume these handbags are all real, but this is Korea, where the highest quality counterfeit luxury goods are easily available to buy in the streets or on websites.
Chinese investor pulls out due to tension
Some prospective foreign investors are increasingly becoming concerned about the escalating tension on the Korean Peninsula, with one Chinese investor already postponing plans to invest in a major property development project in Incheon.
Will shoppers bear Vuittons arrogance?
At any given time of the day, there are sure to be people waiting in line outside the Louis Vuitton boutique at Lotte Avenuel, downtown Seoul.
Times Square fails to draw shoppers
When you say Times Square, you immediately think of the famous New York City landmark, and not a shopping mall in the Yeongdeungpo district of Seoul.
Cosmetic firms boosting target-specific marketing
Korean women’s obsession with beauty products will show no signs of waning throughout next year. According to a report by Korean cosmetics giant Amore Pacific, Monday, sales in the domestic cosmetics industry will jump by 6.5 percent to 8.4 trillion won in 2011.
Gasoline prices soar
The winter blues will be felt by motorists at the pump, as gasoline prices have soared to their highest level this year.
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