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Wed, September 28, 2022 | 00:23
Kyotofu arrives at Seoul with Americanized Japanese tofu
Koreans love tofu _ the white cube made with boiled soya varies from the plain drinkable tofu to the main ingredient for stew and fried dishes among others.
Legacy of Vancouver Winter Olympics continue
British Columbia — Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia have always been popular destinations among global tourists, thanks to the unspoiled wildlife, stunning mountain and ocean scenery, and many more attractions.
Hotel lobby
Lotte Hotel Busan joined hands with Hotel Hormes at the Gwanganli Beach, Busan, to provide a “firework package” covering one night each at the hotels, and breakfast at the Hormes, from Oct. 21 to 23, during the Busan Firework Festival.
Cardiac surgery CARVAR emerges as political issue
Controversy over the cardiac surgical procedure, comprehensive aortic root and valve repair (CARVAR), is developing into a political issue after an institute under the Ministry of Health and Welfare requested the government ban the treatment, though it has already received authorization from the European Union, the U.S. and other major countries.
Welfare ministry hit for grading singles
If either or both of a person’s parents are a high-ranking civil servant, doctor, banker or university professor and have more than 2 billion won in assets, he or she is officially listed as “class-A” bachelor or bachelorette here.
Celebrity goodwill ambassadors not so good-willed
On Monday afternoon at the National Assembly’s audit of the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, pop princess Lee Hyo-ri became a hot issue.
Maltese most abandoned dog in Seoul
This year, the small, white Maltese and the larger Korean Jindo breeds of dogs were the most abandoned pets in Seoul by size category, according to the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service, Monday.
Copycat suicides serious
Data from Statistics Korea show that cases of top entertainers killing themselves result in a steep rise of copycat suicides in the months that follow.
Duty free shopping upon arrival?
Thirty-two-year-old Kim Keong-hye always makes her last-minute shopping at duty free shops at foreign airports on her way back to Korea.
Chefs share recipes with social enterprises
The kitchen was full of aromas ㅡ vinegar, lemons, tomato sauce and garlic among others filled the air of the kitchen of the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill’s Italian restaurant, “Cucina Del Vino,” Wednesday.
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