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Tue, September 27, 2022 | 23:08
T20 ministers promote tourism
BUYEO ― Tourism ministers from around the world have agreed to promote tourism as an effective tool to create jobs and spur growth, as well as to help underdeveloped countries achieve sustainable development.
Red Cross hit for improper use of Haiti donations
The Korean National Red Cross (KNRC) came under fire for its slack management of funds for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.
Global studios to further globalize Kyung Hee
Globalization is a catchphrase for every Korean university these days and Kyung Hee University has been leading the pack of schools in the internationalization drive.
Govt aims to make job market more flexible
From July next year, workers will be able to take more days off with their accumulated extra-working hours or conversely, work extra hours to make up for taking longer holidays, the Ministry of Employment and Labor said Tuesday.
Octopus bodies- to eat or not?
Disputes on the harmfulness of octopus intestines and the ink inside their heads have reignited, cautioning consumers and dealing a further blow to fisherman already suffering from a low season. Octopus is called “nakji” in Korean.
Texted love messages a reason for divorce
Sending or receiving text messages such as “I love you” with a person other than your spouse could be considered solid proof of infidelity and a reason for divorce, a local court ruled Monday.
[HS] Seouls T20 attractions
Seoul is more than the city of the 1988 Olympics or 2002 World Cup. It is a "complete city" with more than 2,000 years of history; it's surrounded by mountains and has a great river running through its heart, and thrives with round-the-clock shopping and various cultural activities.
Food and drug agency under fire over diet pill
The Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), headed by Noh Yun-hong, is coming under criticism for its lax management of controversial sibutramine-based drugs used for weight loss, which have recently been banned from the U.S. and European markets.
Security tightened at G20 summit venue
The 14-lane Yeongdong Boulevard and 12-lane Teheran-ro will be partially blocked during the G20 Seoul Summit slated for Nov. 11-12 to better protect Coex, the summit venue in southern Seoul, the Presidential Committee for G20 Seoul Summit said Friday.
Ban on gay drama in prison creates stir
Does watching a TV drama featuring a homosexual relationship cause men to become gay? The Ministry of Justice and some parents apparently think so.
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