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Fri, September 29, 2023 | 10:11
Charity group faces overhaul
Voices calling for more transparent management of charity organizations are growing after staff at the nation’s largest charity group were found to have been involved in embezzlement and corruption.
SK worst in hiring of disabled people
Under the slogan, “The best welfare is job creation,” the government has been striving to increase the employment rate among disabled people, but it seems to be far from reality in the market as many business tycoons have been too stingy to hire them.
Health administration exodus starts next week
From Oct. 25, more than 1,700 5-ton trucks loaded with animals, virus samples and laboratory equipment as well as office supplies will begin a major relocation of six affiliates of the Ministry of Health and Welfare to Osong in North Chungcheong Province, about 150 kilometers south of Seoul, from its current home in Bulgwang-dong, northern Seoul. The move is scheduled to be completed by Dec. 23.
Couple to marry through ministry’s blind date event
The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s matchmaking efforts have finally paid off as the first ever couple from its string of dating events decided to tie the knot in December.
Rain sued over gambling debt
Top singer and actor Rain is being sued by a Korean-American businessman based in Los Angeles for over $150,000 the star allegedly borrowed for gambling.
Songpa exports environment policies
Nine civil servants from five Asian countries visited the Songpa District Office in southern Seoul this week to learn about the administration’s environment development policies.
Lawmaker suggests octopus law
Rep. Won Hee-mok of the ruling Grand National Party Friday decided to submit a bill to the National Assembly obliging local administrations and public organizations to consult with the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) before making announcements on food safety issues.
Manpower development agency under fire for wasting money
The Human Resources Development Service (HRD), headed by Yu Jae-sub, spent a total of 40 billion won over the last three years supporting young people’s overseas training or internships, but the results have been disappointing with only 30 percent of those involved managing to sign work contracts afterward, Rep. Cha Myeong-jin of the ruling Grand National Party said Thursday.
Mayfield Hotel offers breath of fresh air
The Mayfield Hotel may not be familiar to people who visit hotels in central Seoul. However, the hotel located near Gimpo International Airport, outskirt of Seoul, is more than a surprise to people who have low expectations about hotels here.
Diet pill sibutramine to be banned
The Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) said it has decided to ban sales of controversial sibutramine-based drugs, mostly used for weight loss.
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