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Wed, September 28, 2022 | 05:29
Protestants intrusion in temples raises eyebrows
Was it a deliberate act of desecration or an expression of firm religious belief?
Zainichi victims of asbestos urge compensation from Japan
When Yoko Okada, a second generation Korean living in Japan, often known as Zainichi, was diagnosed with asbestosis in 2007, she knew the reason why.
W76 tril. set aside for higher birthrate
The government said Tuesday it will invest about 76 trillion won ($67 million) in the next five years to finance diverse measures designed to raise the birthrate to the OECD average of 1.7 per couple by 2020 from the current 1.15.
HIV test rules for foreigners to be eased
The Ministry of Health and Welfare said it will scrap compulsory human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) tests for foreigners seeking to acquire an entertainer’s E-6 visa, and workers renewing their E-9 visas here.
Govt backs more cable cars
The Ministry of Environment on Monday announced a set of guidelines designed to ease regulations restricting the construction of cable cars at national parks across the nation despite fierce opposition from environmentalists.
Larvae found in Nongshim noodles
Larvae were found in one of Nongshim’s instant cup noodles, Daejeon Ilbo reported Friday, citing a consumer.
Saving life vs. religious belief
A court has awarded a hospital the right to give a newborn baby a blood transfusion despite objections from the baby’s parents based on their religious beliefs.
Jindo dogs selected for LAPD canine units
The doors are opening for Jindo, South Korea’s indigenous top breed of dogs, to be used in the canine units of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Korea’s Jindo Dog Promotion and Innovation Agency said, Thursday.
[HS] Seoul City to promote brand during G20 summit
The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to push the city brand to the foreign delegations and press visiting the capital during the G20 summit slated for Nov. 11 and 12.
Korea has 26th largest population in world
South Korea has the world’s 26th largest population with an estimated 48.5 million people out of the total of 6.9 billion people living on the planet, the United Nations Population Fund said Wednesday in its 2010 report.
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