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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 19:10
Is human rights commission falling apart?
Two of the three commissioners of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) offered to resign Monday in what is seen as a revolt against the organization’s conservative chief Hyun Byung-chul.
Supreme Court rules stem cells as medicine
The Supreme Court has ruled that stem cells used to treat illnesses should be regarded as medicine that requires approval from the drug administration for use.
More honeymooners go to Hawaii, Maldives
As more people choose to marry in fall, when the weather is mild, their honeymoon destinations are changing, too.
Donations shrink after charity scandal
Charity groups here are shivering from the cold shoulder being given to them by citizens after irregularities involving the nation’s largest charity organization were uncovered earlier this month.
[60thAnni] Men are in kitchen, women are on mound
For a long time, Koreans were obsessed with stereotyped gender roles — men were aggressive working outdoors and women were passive staying indoors.
Chef takes a glimpse of Seoul street foods
While the government is pushing high-end Korean dining to the world as part of its “Globalization of Hanshik” (Korean cuisine) project, it is a far cry for many tourists visiting Seoul, who seek cheaper authentic food, shopping and sightseeing opportunities.
Prosecutors raid firm of President’s friend
Prosecutors raided the headquarters of Sejoong Namo Tour, Thursday, to investigate allegations that its Chairman Chun Shin-il received bribes for arranging bank loans.
Honorary Seoul citizens announced
Seventeen foreigners ― from an Austrian doctor of Oriental medicine to an Indian scholar devoted to Korean studies ― have been selected to become Seoul City’s honorary citizens, Wednesday.
Youngsters flock to debate over climate change
Young students recently put their heads together to discuss ways to tackle global warming and climate change. Several Korean and three foreign students gathered for the Student Mock C40 Conference, held at the Seoul Metropolitan Government Building in central Seoul last Saturday.
ASEM rectors meet at KU
Top educators from Asian and European universities net at Korea University in Seoul for the two-day Asian-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Rectors’ Conference, Tuesday. A total of 77 presidents and vice-presidents from 65 universities ― 40 from Asia and 25 from Europe ― from 27 countries participated in the large-scale academic event.
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