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Tue, September 27, 2022 | 22:27
In pursuit of apology for comfort women 300,000 signatures sent to Japan
More than 300,000 signatures of people demanding an apology from the Japanese government and compensation for “comfort women” forced to provide sexual services to Japanese soldiers during the World War II have been collected and will be submitted to the Japanese government and the Diet later this month.
Hospitals caught offering illegal stem cell treatments
Scores of lawmakers, high-ranking officials and entertainers, among others, are suspected of having received illegal stem cell injection treatments here.
Important facts about asthma
People with asthma are quite vulnerable to cold weather, allergies and dust. In low temperatures and dusty environments asthma suffers cough more often and breathing problems.
Protocols: finer points of organizing a global gathering
Some say protocol is the essence of an event. The G20 Seoul Summit will be attended by the heads state or governments of 19 member countries as well as the European Union, and five invited states as well as seven international organizations.
Peninsulas steak-pastry promising
Opening or renovating an Italian restaurant in Seoul is nothing new. There are hundreds of tratorrias claiming to deliver authentic Italian cuisine in the capital.
A chance to show Korea’s potential
With just a week remaining before the G20 Seoul Summit, the streets are refurbished, media outlets are all abuzz with news associated with the historic meeting and residents of the capital are being asked to smile to incoming guests.
Education key note speech
Prof. Johnson will answer the question; “Why the body matters in philosophy?” His speech will feature the meaning of our bodies and help expand our view on the nature of human understanding and philosophy.
Korean not that healthy after all
Koreans are quite enthusiastic about maintaining good health and well-being but in reality suffer from extreme stress that conversely damages their health, according to Philips Healthcare.
Arrest warrant for drawing rat on G20 promotion poster?
The prosecution sought an arrest warrant for a 40-year-old man who drew a picture of a rat on a G20 Seoul Summit promotion poster but the request was rejected by the court.
Acorn shortage spells trouble for animals
This winter will be a cruel season for wildlife. The cold temperatures and excessive downpours have reduced acorns this year, causing a shortage, so many animals could starve and make them possibly hostile toward humans, experts warned.
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