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Reporter : Anna J. Park
Mon, February 26, 2024 | 23:34
Woori Financial eyes acquisition of Korea Foss Securities
Korea Foss Securities, an online-exclusive brokerage company, is up for sale and Woori Financial Group is reviewing the acquisition of the firm.
Is Toss' 20 tril. won valuation reasonable?
Major securities firms that have recently been preparing proposals to be selected as lead underwriters of Toss' IPO plan have assessed the financial super app company's corporate valuation of around 15 to 20 trillion won ($11-15 billion). But a growing number of criticis are pointing out that the valuation is exaggerated, considering the fintech firm's substantial losses.
M&As among savings banks expected to rise amid real estate PF crisis
Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are expected to increase in the savings bank sector later this year, as some small lenders, whose financial status has been exacerbated by a real estate project financing (PF) crisis gripping Korea, are likely to be put up for sale.
Tesla's quarterly earnings miss drags down Korean secondary battery stocks
As Tesla released a disappointing quarterly earnings report that largely missed its estimates on Wednesday afternoon (U.S. time), shockwaves rippled to many Korean stocks related to the secondary battery sector on Thursday's session.
Celebrity chef Paik Jong-won's food biz aims to go public
Theborn Korea, a food franchise business led by Korean culinary star Paik Jong-won, aims to go public by the end of this year. It is the second attempt by the company to go public since a failed effort in 2018.
[INTERVIEW] Core of 'Korea discount' lies in poor investor protection
Weak investor protection and poor corporate governance are the key causes of the so-called 'Korea discount,' according to a famed professor of finance at Seoul National University who has long delved into the matter. The Korea discount refers to the unique characteristic of the Korean stock markets where listed companies' shares are traded at prices lower than their fundament...
Financial authorities to impose stricter obligations on convertible bond market
Financial authorities are pushing to strengthen the disclosure obligations on the issuances of convertible bonds, aiming to bring more transparency to the convertible bonds market by ensuring a timely provision of sufficient information.
KOFIA chief vows to prioritize resolving 'Korea discount'
Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA) Chairman Seo Yoo-seok emphasized that the investment association's top priority for this year is to resolve the 'Korea discount,' referring to the overal undervaluation of korean-listed companies.
Financial authorities vow to bring regulations more in line with global standards
The Financial Services Commission (FSC), the country's top financial regulator, has pledged to create a favorable environment for foreign financial companies through regulatory improvements that are more in line with global standards.
Internet-only banks post 70% jump in mortgage loans
Internet-only banks have logged substantial growth in the number of mortgages offered to borrowers, seeing their collective balance increase year-on-year by more than 70 percent during the past year, far surpassing the country's four major lenders' increase rate that stood at 3 percent last year.
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