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Sun, February 25, 2024 | 23:53
[INTERVIEW] Unwed mothers' charity fights discrimination, adoption agency corruption
Women are powerful. Perhaps at the most arcane and Jungian level, we are creators. If one of us chooses to give birth, our communities are reminded of the immense, life-giving power a female body can possess. Perhaps that is why motherhood is idealized in so many cultures - at least, until it challenges social norms. Outside of certain, culturally sanctioned contexts, the sam...
Amid corruption revelations, Koreans adopted overseas demand justice
In early November, an Associated Press article exposed child trafficking in South Korean adoptions between 1979 and 1986. It was revealed that in addition to physical and sexual abuse, the organization Brothers Home also became involved in adopting out children overseas - a practice that netted South Korea an estimated $20 million a year at the height of its popularity. The a...
Modern Dongyanghwa painting: An interview with Lee Sun-jae
One of the most vibrant parts of Seoul's expat community is its artists. From the gritty comics of Aaron Cossrow to Noe Alonzo's viral street photography, each year a new immigrant with exceptional creative talent seems to gain recognition in South Korea's biggest city.
Ten tips for completing your New Year's resolutions: Korea edition
Consider this my defense of New Year's resolutions. Yes, I understand it's easy to brush them off. Perhaps the tradition seems outdated, or it stresses unrealistic perfection, or you're convinced you'll have thrown your Sogang Korean textbook in the trash by February.
[INTERVIEW] 20 Years on North Korea's underground railroad (Part I)
I don't think any article has caused me as much deliberation as this one did. How do you interview an activist couple that helped over 1,000 North Korean refugees escape into free countries? How do you begin to comb over the lives of people who have been compared to Oskar Schindler, and who started a “Ton a Month” food aid program that probably saved thousands at the peak of ...
Before World AIDS Day, Korea celebrates Freddie Mercury… and spurns people with HIV
Following the release of the biographical film “Bohemian Rhapsody,” South Korea has fallen in love with Queen's lead singer, Freddy Mercury. Large movie theaters have arranged “sing-along screenings” of the biopic.
Exploring the Andong Mask Festival
Mask dance is an elusive aspect of Korean culture. Many visitors to the peninsula are vaguely aware of it; they may have seen a yangban mask printed on a bus, or noticed the iconic character faces that line Yaksu Station. But in a country whose nation-brand is largely connected to technology, K-Pop and ballistic missile-wielding neighbors, the delicate theatrics of mask dance...
Korea's secret beauty legacy
Korean's passion for healthy, glowing skin is not a new phenomenon. Such aspiration goes back hundreds of years ago when women used homemade skincare products, including scrubs, lotions, creams, and oils with natural ingredients.
Understanding DNA of master brands
I was recently thinking about the definition of “luxury” regarding brands and the appropriate use of the term. In the minds of consumers, luxury is often associated with high prices and international designers. Those brands we call luxury, including Louis Vuitton and Chanel, are pricey and they are global fashion giants, but what's missing in the description is the brand's in...
This is Seoul fashion
Seoul's biggest biannual fashion event ended Saturday with an accomplishment in promoting Korean beauty.The six-day HERA Seoul Fashion Week had 37 designer brands, two companies and 90 rising designers unveiling their 2018 fall and winter collections at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul. The trade show kicked off with “hanbok” (Korean traditional dress) designer Kim ...
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