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Sat, December 3, 2022 | 13:52
Vitaliy Fen renamed Uzbek envoy to S. Korea
The Uzbek government has reappointed Vitaliy Fen, 70, as ambassador to the Republic of Korea. Fen, who is of Korean descent, had served in Seoul for a record 18 years until August 2013 after opening the Uzbek Embassy as charge d’affaires in 1995. He was promoted to ambassador in 1999. After nearly four years of retirement, Fen was rehired to represent the Central Asian country “to further strengthen the bilateral cooperative and friendly relations between Seoul and Tashkent,” an embassy official said.
Flourishing private etiquette lesson
Home education is no less important than school education.
Slaves of smartphone
It's been 10 years since the late Steve Jobs (1955-2011) introduced the sensational iPhone, namely smartphone, in June 2007 to help change the daily life of the mankind from then on.
Really? Days of distrust
What's taking place these days testifies to our life in the age of distrust.
What Buddhist monks should do
Jogye Temple, the headquarters of the nation's largest Buddhist denomination, has been at the center of people's attention since Nov. 16 as its "unwanted" role as a haven for a criminal suspect.
Kudos! Our talented young ones
The future of a nation largely depends on the growing younger generation. No one would dare challenge this truth. No matter how difficult people's lives are today are, our young ones' good deeds make us smile and bring us happiness.
World Cup vs. World Series
Global sports extravaganzas are in full swing. Sportspersons, amateurs and professionals, are sweating on pitches, and in ballparks, gyms and elsewhere to achieve their yearlong goals.
Name change for fresh start?
A name is a word or term used for identification, according to the dictionary. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context.
How's your Chuseok economy?
Chuseok or the Harvest Moon Festival, one of the nation's largest and widely celebrated holidays, is just two days away. The special four-day holiday weekend will see a national exodus to hometowns for family get-togethers, or to resorts, as is the case every year.
How to quit the deadly habit
The latest no-smoking TV ad from the Ministry of Health and Welfare is shocking. It warns: "Smoking kills you. It causes lung cancer and damages your brain." At first, I thought the ad was about the imminent performance of a ballet company with the ballerinas demonstrating beautiful scenes in a group dance.