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Tue, November 28, 2023 | 17:37
Who will lead NK in from cold?
The U.S. and South Korean presidents seem to be trying to topple the DPRK government through sanctions. This may work, but it probably won't. It will certainly provoke strong retaliatory actions from the North Koreans. There are new reports of activity at three nuclear test sites there. Despite these alarming signals, and the greater threat of mistakes leading to violent clas...
Prosecution to introduce CSI academy
The prosecution will launch an education program later this year focused on strengthening its forensic science capabilities, it said Friday.
'Descendants of the Sun' next hallyu hit in China
“Descendants of the Sun” is a huge hallyu (Korean wave) hit, according to a Chinese online media company.
Actor Lee Dong-hwi to join 'Entourage Korea'
Actor Lee Dong-hwi is set to appear in the Korean version of the hit American TV series “Entourage,” according to reports Thursday.
World's longest filibuster - a look at the numbers
The world’s longest filibuster went into the books Wednesday evening, leaving behind a host of records. During the session, which began at 7.07 p.m. last Tuesday, 39 opposition lawmakers spoke for 192 hours and 25 minutes to block the vote on a disputed anti-terrorism bill that they claim will threaten personal freedom and privacy if passed into law.
'Spirits' Homecoming' cements box office leadership
More than 420,000 people watched the film “Spirits’ Homecoming” on Tuesday, raising the total number of viewers of the movie about “comfort women” to 1.7 million, according data from cinema ticketing agencies.
'My Sassy Girl' sequel to hit China in April
A sequel to the 2001 film “My Sassy Girl” will premiere in China on April 22, Chinese media reported Tuesday.
Doosan chairman to step down
Doosan Group Chairman Park Yong-maan will step down and Park Jeong-won, chairman of Doosan Corp., will succeed him, the company said Wednesday. Park Jeong-won is the first son of Park Yong-gon, honorary chairman of Doosan Group, and the first grandson of the group’s late founder, Park Too-pyong.
Preview image dawns for “Descendants of the Sun”
A preview image of the third episode of “Descendants of the Sun” was revealed Tuesday.
Seoul's royal palaces open for evening visits
Royal palaces in Seoul will be open in the evenings from today.
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