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Reporter : Park Jin-hai
Mon, December 4, 2023 | 11:51
'EXIT' tells of hilarious escape from city engulfed by toxic gas
Blockbuster disaster films targeting the peak summer season mostly focus on the tragic, life-threatening moments. However, director Lee Sang-geun's new disaster action film “EXIT” says he strived to inject humor into the genre, allowing audiences to enjoy amusing scenes along with the human moments.
Young YouTuber says she is happiest cancer patient
Cho Yoon-ju, a 30-year-old ovarian cancer patient, says she has had “life or death” surgery twice already. In December, 2011, four months after Cho started working as a lecturer on customer services, she felt excruciating pain in her abdominal area and collapsed several times on the subway. At the hospital for what she thought would be a “minor” procedure, she went through an...
Korean films ready for summer blockbuster season
Upcoming Korean films are fully loaded with diverse genres and star casts, targeting audiences for the summer peak season. From classic period dramas and disaster movies to films about the occult and thrillers, Korean films hiring veteran actors and rising stars will vie fiercely for viewers' attention in the most lucrative season of the year. Traditionally, cinema admissions...
Old port town exudes exotic beauty
The city of Incheon, some 40 kilometers west of Seoul, invites visitors to take a historic journey to the late 19th century, when the country saw its first modernization, following the forced opening of the port in 1883 by foreign countries. Over 130 years ago, the urbanscape of Incheon was “international,” bustling with merchants from Japan, China, the U.S., Germany, France ...
'Parasite' wins top film prize in Sydney
Cannes-winning Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho's “Parasite” won the Sydney Film Prize, the top prize at this year's Sydney Film Festival. According to the film festival, the director received the trophy and prize money during the closing ceremony at the State Theatre in Sydney, Sunday. Earlier in late May, Bong's tragicomedy won Cannes Film Festival's most coveted Palme D'Or, maki...
Korean monk pleads Dalai Lama to return to Tibet
With the news that the aged Dalai Lama is being treated for various illnesses, revered Korean Buddhist monk urged the Tibetan spiritual leader to end his 60 years of life in exile and go back to his old Tibetan home under the rule of China.
'Parasite' sweeps local box office
Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho's Cannes Film Festival award-winning movie “Parasite” swept the local box office on its opening day Thursday. Fanned by its Palme d'Or crown and moviegoers' high expectations for the director, “Parasite” attracted ab audience of almost 570,000 on its opening day, easily surpassing that of runner-up “Aladdin” with 74,000, according to data from the K...
U2 to hold first Seoul concert in Dec.
Legendary Irish rock band U2, led by singer-songwriter Bono, will perform in Seoul for the first time in December. The four-member band's first Seoul concert is part of “The Joshua Tree Tour 2019,” named after the group's 1987 album. It will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome, Dec. 8, according to Live Nation Korea, Friday.
Body odor class gap guided Bong Joon-ho's 'Parasite'
Director Bong Joon-ho, who won Cannes' top prize with “Parasite,” has said more about his film and actor Song Kang-ho, whom he calls his “persona.”His tragicomedy, telling the story of two families of extremely different social backgrounds, one poor and one wealthy, allowed him to become the first Korean director to win the Palme d'Or last Saturday.
Photography, Jeju give new meaning of life to retired couple
Former elementary school teacher Kim Mee-hee, 63, says she had never imagined she would pick up photography as a hobby after retirement. “It wasn't on my to-do list. Probably moreso, because of my husband,” she said. Her husband, photographer Choi Jae-young, who has worked for local newspapers Dong-A Ilbo and JoongAng Ilbo, has been either away from home taking photos or comi...
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