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Sat, June 3, 2023 | 07:29
Hair of the Dog celebrates 8th anniversary
Hair of the Dog, a neighborhood bar located in central Seoul's Haebangchon neighborhood, turns eight. That's 51 in dog years, and it's probably even older for a small business in Seoul. There will be an anniversary party this Saturday, offering food, quizzes and raffles. The raffle prizes include gift certificates, bottles of liquor, baseball tickets, hair products and dog tr...
Newly reopened Skunk Hell hosts punk wedding concert
Most wedding ceremonies in Korea are done quickly at chintzy assembly-line facilities, but punk musician Jinu Konda and his wife Krista decided that's not for them. Instead, they're having a party this Saturday at Skunk Sindang, a newly reopened punk club previously located in Nogosan-dong, Sangsu-dong and Mullae-dong.
LA comic comes to Seoul for Ladies' Night
Some of the funniest women in Korea will take to the stage for Ladies' Night Comedy Show this Friday night.
[RAS KOREA] Preserving memories at Cheongju City Archives
I met archivist Lee Shin-ja of the Cheongju City Archives in a serendipitous turn of events. We discussed an entirely different matter when my history with Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, came up. I was a lad of 20 when I lived in the city for almost a year while learning the Korean language. Being an avid hobbyist photographer and an inherent anthropologist, I took pho...
Jeju-based shamanism researcher documents connection between humans, crows
Continuing his exploration of Jeju's unique cultural practices, Joey Rositano now presents his latest project, “Scattering,” planned to be a photography book centered around the crow feeding rituals on Jeju Island.
Africa Day celebrated in Korea with book talk
Every May 25, Africans in the continent and around the world, even in Korea, celebrate Africa Day. However, this year is a special celebration for the African Union (AU). It was officially launched in 2002 and consists of 55 member states. It is the successor of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which was formed 60 years ago on May 25, 1963.
DJ Fingaz set for show at Lit Lounge
The globally renowned DJ Fingaz is coming to Seoul this Saturday, bringing his open-format mix seamlessly blending everything from hip-hop and dirty trap beats to reggae and classic rock, to Lit Lounge in Itaewon.
US interdisciplinary artist Gregory de la Haba's Seoul exhibition opens portals
A few weeks ago, the legendary Korean folk-rocker Hahn Dae-soo began posting a series of videos on YouTube about his love for New York City, starting with a visit to the studio and home of artist Gregory de la Haba, whose first exhibition in Seoul, at the Hangaram Art Museum, opens on May 27.
US diplomatic community in Yongsan celebrates Fleischfest
The U.S. Embassy housing compound, usually a calm, peaceful place in the corner of U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, was overrun by a bunch of “jabronis” one Saturday afternoon last month. On April 29, about 600 people of all ages gathered at white tents set up on a lawn, where heaps of smoked meats were being served for the 43rd biannual Fleischfest, a feast of smoked meats prepar...
[TEMPLE ADVENTURES] Stone lions at Hwaeom Temple
It's not every day that you're in awe of a building or even a stone structure, but it's not every day that you visit Hwaeom Temple. From the Iljumun at the entrance to the three-story stone pagoda up the hillside, and all of the Treasures and National Treasures in between, there is something to amaze the senses at every turn.
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