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Sun, February 25, 2024 | 16:59
[Job News] Seoul district offers job service for migrant housewives
Seoul’s Yeongdeungpo-gu district will start a free job consulting service for migrant housewives who face difficulties getting work in Korea.The district said two professional consultants will work at its multicultural family support center from Wednesday to provide the employment service.The consultants will find companies that are looking for foreign workers and give the in...
Paju shopping mall launches overseas delivery service
Paju Premium Outlets has launched an international delivery service to attract foreign tourists.
Korean lawmaker attacked for calling Africa 'primitive'
Rep. Lee Eun-jae of the conservative minor Bareun Party has come under fire for describing the outcome of a parliamentary meeting “as primitive as Africa.”"The National Assembly is still very primitive,” she said. “I feel deeply ashamed by the fact that our standing committee did such a thing, which is something that can only happen in places like Africa.”
[Lunar New Year] Call 129 or 119 in the event of emergency
The Ministry of Health and Welfare is offering information about hospitals that will operate around the clock during the Lunar New Year holidays.The ministry said more than 530 medical centers will be open for emergency patients. In the event of any emergency, call 129 or 119.
Foreign school students face expulsion over admissions fraud
The Gyeonggi Province education office has ordered foreign schools to dismiss students embroiled in an admissions fraud scandal. They include a Chinese school in Uijeongbu, another Chinese school in Suwon and three English schools in Suwon. No other details were revealed. A total of 31 students face dismissal under the direction.
'Running Man' will keep on running
In a surprising turnaround, SBS TV said Tuesday it will not stop airing popular Sunday entertainment show “Running Man,” scrapping plans to end the program in February. The broadcaster said in December it would drop the show amid controversy over the removal of two long-standing cast members - actress Song Ji-hyo and K-pop singer Kim Jong-kook.
[TV Review] 'Infinite Challenge' to go off air for seven weeks
Popular MBC reality show “Infinite Challenge" will be suspended for seven weeks to give directors and cast time to relax and refresh themselves. The weekly show has been aired since 2006 with only a handful of exceptions, mostly caused by external disasters such as the Sewol sinking, leaving producers and cast chronically short of ideas. The temporary suspension was made publ...
Multicultural centers provide free interpreting services
Immigrants from Vietnam, China and Thailand will find it easier to handle administrative affairs when state-funded welfare centers providing free translation and interpreting services from this month.
[Provincial News] Sacheon offers free legal help for foreign workers
Sacheon local government is providing a free legal counseling service for foreign workers who live in the region. Sacheon is one of South Gyeongsang Province’s big industrial cities - along with Jinju - where the number of foreign residents has climbed to 3,132, up 33 percent, over the past six years. The head office of Korea Aerospace Industries, the country’s sole aircraft ...
Health alerts issued as fine dust blankets Korean Peninsula
Thick fine dust is affecting many areas of Korea, including Seoul, with ultrafine particle health warnings issued for northern Gyeonggi Province on Wednesday.