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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Mon, December 4, 2023 | 19:56
How Lee Ung-no pioneered East-West fusion through brushstrokes
DAEJEON — Lee Ung-no (1904-1989) was a pioneering artist who seamlessly fused East and West, a distinction that may now sound cliché but defines his legacy.
Death of Jogye Order heavyweight Ven. Jaseung shocks Buddhist world
Ven. Jaseung, a prominent former head of the Jogye Order, the largest Buddhist sect in Korea, passed away in a fire that occurred at a temple in Gyeonggi Province on Wednesday, sending shockwaves across the country. He was 69.
Perrotin brings Shim Moon-seup's seascape-inspired canvases to Paris
Shim Moon-Seup, regarded as a pioneering force in modern Korean sculpture, presents a series of his meditative, seascape-inspired abstractions at Perrotin Paris.
From MSCHF's 'Big Red Boot' to Italian master's gestural abstractions, exhibitions to see this winter
As the year draws to a close, Seoul's art scene comes alive with a diverse array of international exhibits – some provocative, some meditative and some a blend of both.
World's top 200 art collectors list includes 2 Korean entrepreneurs
Two Korean entrepreneurs - Kim Woong-ki of Global Sae-A Group and Suh Kyung-bae of Amorepacific - have been named among the Top 200 Collectors of 2023 by ARTnews.
Korea elected to UNESCO World Heritage Committee
Korea has been elected as a member of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, a managing body made up of representatives from 21 nations tasked with determining which sites are added to, or removed from, the World Heritage List.
World's largest sneaker show to land in Seoul next year
Sneaker Con, arguably the world’s largest convention show for shoe fanatics, is debuting in Seoul in October 2024.
Joseon-era royal ceremony brought to virtual life
The digitally recreated royal ceremony, known as "jinharye," which originally took place in 1887 during the latter days of the 1392-1910 Joseon Kingdom to celebrate the 80th birthday of Grand Royal Dowager Queen Sinjeong (1808-90), is unveiled at Gyeongbok Palace in central Seoul, Tuesday. This historical event, reconstructed via augmented reality (AR) technology, will be ope...
David Rappeneau's contorted portraits are peepholes into nihilistic youth culture
David Rappeneau conjures some of the most intriguingly distorted and densely layered portraits of nihilistic youth culture with a toolkit of ballpoint pen, fluorescent marker and acrylic paints.
First immersive digital show on Korean artist to open at Bunker des Lumieres
The Bunker des Lumieres, a digital art center that opened on Jeju Island as part of French company Culturespaces’ immersive multimedia exhibition projects around the world, is ready to host its first show featuring a Korean artist.
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