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Mon, February 26, 2024 | 22:18
Queer fear
I met a friend recently who expressed his admiration for President Moon Jae-in. Surely, he's more qualified to speak on the matter than I am. A Korean native, and Ivy League educated, he's also well-traveled and well versed in American and Korean political affairs. He has a deeper understanding than I do on the intricacies of Korean society.
A pope who really cares
Pope Francis visited Korea in the spring of 2014. As with his recent trip to the United States, a massive fanfare and news coverage accompanied his arrival. The Catholic Church, recently buffeted by child sex abuse scandals, has emerged as a more appreciated institution because of Pope Francis's take on Christianity.
My country's better than yours
By Deauwand MyersAs an American expat, I’m sometimes surprised at how other countries view the United States. With a mix of inferiority and superiority complexes, some countries take issue with how they feel they’re viewed by the global community juxtaposed to America.Korea is concerned with national identity and national pride. Understandably, North Korea looms l...
The Korean Dream/Myth
China's President Xi will make a splash soon in his first state visit to America. Of course, as often is the case, some of journalists covering China and previewing Xi’s visit are rather ethnocentric and Eurocentric in their views of Asia. They think Xi’s vision of the “Chinese Dream” is a reinterpretation of the American Dream. As with Korea, China has had a kind of national...
To Japan: Just apologize (2)
In my earlier piece, I briefly explored the atrocities Imperial Japan committed before and during World War II. Further, I explained that particularly for Japan's closest neighbors, Korea and China (countries most victimized by Japan during this time) Prime Minister Abe's actions continually and needlessly strain diplomatic and economic ties with these nations.