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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 17:54
'Smartphone zombies' to be fined $99 in Hawaii
The Hawaiian capital of Honolulu will fine people who use smartphones while on pedestrian crossings up to $99, according to local news outlets Sunday. The penalty will also apply to users of tablet PCs, e-readers, laptop computers, pagers and video game devices.
Mongolian women 'used security bypass bags to steal clothes'
Two Mongolian women have been arrested in Busan for stealing clothes from large stores, using bags specially designed to bypass security alarms, according to Busan Geumjeong Police Station, Monday.
Tons of trash spoiling Korean beaches
From beer cans to water bottles, leftover chicken, watermelon rinds and dirty clothes, major beaches across the nation are suffering from summer vacationers leaving tons of trash mounting daily.
Thieves pose as immigration officials to target foreigners
Two thieves, who posed as immigration officials to target foreign women, have been jailed for three years.
Trash bins to vanish from Seoul subway restrooms
Trash bins are set to vanish from public restrooms in Seoul subway stations in phases from Aug. 1, according to Seoul Metro Friday.
'Nude mansion' sparks anger in Christian saint's hometown
The reopening of a “nude mansion” in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province, has reignited conflict between guests and residents. Locals, mostly registered with a nearby Catholic church, have lambasted the mansion as provocative and un-Christian, while its owner claims that being naked in the compound of his own property is a freedom that cannot be challenged. The mansion’s gues...
Two presidential secretaries 'ordered' to leave meeting for SURPRISING REASON
Presidential chief policy adviser Jang Ha-sung “ordered” two presidential secretaries to leave a Cabinet meeting Tuesday and take a vacation. Social policy adviser Kim Soo-hyun and science and technology adviser Moon Mi-ok were flabbergasted when Jang told them they had to leave the meeting. “There are two people who have to leave the meeting immediately,” said Jang, pointing...
Suwon shock: Woman's public strip show goes viral
A video of a woman who started strip-dancing in public went viral on social media Thursday.
Trump bans transgender people from US military
U.S. President Donald Trump will ban transgender people from serving "in any capacity" in the country’s armed forces. In a tweet Wednesday, Trump cited medical costs and eroding military readiness and unit cohesion as reasons for the ban. The decision scrapped the policy signed under previous President Barack Obama in 2016 to end a ban on transgender individuals.
Man rushed to hospital after drinking bleach from water bottle
A man is in hospital after unwittingly drinking bleach from a water bottle in his motel room, according to Miryang Police on Tuesday. The incident happened when the man in his 40s drank from a water bottle that was placed in his room’s refrigerator at 11:30 p.m. Monday.
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