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Wed, December 2, 2020 | 18:37
Accurate typing in Hangul, albeit unable to understand what's remotely typed nor be able to correct that that would be submitted for an Access &/or Excel entry.
Date : 2015-10-30 / Hit : 3420
To whom it may concern:

I, Eugene [Errol] Bernard, someone that has lived & worked at Interlab English Institute, Busan,Korea circa 2000, am able to type in Korean, 45 wpm, and am ferreting work from someone that can use such remote talents. If so, won't you please email me at The data that is to be typed can be faxed or if possible, I may access it online by employing the Technological advances of either,, etc., etc., etc.

Errol Bernard aka
Park Mingan-susaeda -Park Min-su