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Wed, December 2, 2020 | 19:42
English guided tour of a royal tomb in Seoul
Date : 2013-08-16 / Hit : 3809

An English-language tour of Jeong-neung in Seongbuk-ku, which is the tomb of Queen Shin-dok who was much-loved wife of Lee Seong-gye, founder-king of Choseon, at 4 p.m. on Aug. 31, Saturday. Jeong-neung is just beyond Seongbuk-dong but barely known and visited by the Seoul citizens.

It is part of the 6th annual Seoul Open Week.(, a Seoul City festival.

The tour will be followed by a traditional tea session and a music and dance program at the neighboring Heungcheonsa Temple of which the mission was to take care of the tomb. At the temple, the audience will be treated to Mr. Manojaay’s Kathak Dance.

For application, visit the website, enter English page, proceed to program and apply.

For more info, call 011-9713-5895.