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Wed, December 2, 2020 | 18:39
Huge Moving Sale - Seoul, Will Ship, With Pics
Date : 2012-06-11 / Hit : 3421
Having a goodbye sale after being in Korea 8 years. Lots of stuff accumulated to get rid of. Most of the junk was culled in previous moves so this is the best of what I had. All kinds of stuff. See my Picassa albums for photos, details, and prices.

Furniture, Books, and Small Appliances

Personal and Home Electronics

Lego Mindstorms Robotics Kit

ESL Speaking and Discussion Books

LSAT, Dummies, and Non-Fiction Books

Lots of Clothing, not pictured. Mostly XXL men's short/long sleeved shirts, about 20 of each. About 40 pairs men's pants 42x27. Coats and Jackets, some leather mostly XXL. Ask for pics if interested in anything.

All of this stuff is located in Seoul, nearby Hanguk University of Foreign Studies station, on line 1, but shipping is possible Korea-wide, except for furniture items. Korean shipping is cheap and quick.