Posted : 2011-02-09 16:18
Updated : 2011-02-09 16:18

Waggle bridges gap between setup and actual swing

Learning and mastering the correct way of waggle is a quick way to get your game to the next level. It facilitates same, repeating swing on a consistent basis, putting you in position to hit the ball flush.

A smooth swing requires something that should act as a bridge between the setup and the actual start of the backswing; a good way to attain this is to waggle the club.

A good waggle promotes a smooth takeaway, setting up perfect rhythm and tempo.

It also allows you to create a perfect position at the top of the backswing, which encourages good forward swing and powerful impact.

The waggle is not for just relaxation. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. It is an essential part of your swing. It serves as an abbreviated full swing.

It's critical to have a good grasp of how to waggle the club correctly. A correct waggle is a definite benefit to you.

To take full advantage of the waggle, you'd better teach yourself exactly how to swing the club during the waggle. Waggling the club backward, check the path the clubhead should take on the actual backswing; waggling the club forward, rehearse the way how you would swing the clubhead through the ball in the actual swing.

Similarly, in the waggle you need to be sure your hands and arms pass the tempo and rhythm of the swing to your legs and feet so that in the actual swing your feet and legs can work in tandem with your arms and hands.

Given that the waggle is a shortened full swing, mastering a proper waggle will facilitate repeating the same, effective swing on a dependable basis.

What has to be done first to waggle correctly is to allow your left hand to play a dominant role, subduing your right hand so it just follows the left.

At the top of the waggle you need to feel as if you can strike the ball by simply swinging the club forward toward the target without any adjusting or compensating movements on the part of your hands and arms.

Also important is to feel oneness between your left arm and club during the waggle and in the actual takeaway; a prerequisite for the oneness between your left arm and the club is to grip the club properly with your left hand. It's essential to support the club firmly with the heel muscles and the muscles of the forefinger of your left hand.

Once you've waggled properly, all you have to do for the actual backswing is simply turn your left shoulder around the lower part of your spine, starting to cock your wrists upward at the end of the takeaway by pressing down on the handle of the club with the heel of your left hand. For correct wrist cock it's also good to imagine yourself chopping down a tree.

Of paramount importance is to be sure that your takeaway is made in the same way as you have rehearsed in the waggle.

You will instinctively waggle your driver somewhat quickly, vigorously or briskly as you want to hit it to your potential distance. However, when you waggle for a shot that should fly high in the air and land softly on the green, you will do it somewhat softly at a more sedate pace.

To score a success it behoves you to swing the club back with the exactly same rhythm and tempo as you have waggled it. Otherwise, your swing rhythm and tempo will be ruined, which makes it hard to get what you want from your swing.

Last but not least, there is a critical element of a good waggle: creating swinging force or rather centrifugal force. You need to take care to create swinging force during the waggle as you should do the same as soon as you start your actual backswing.

Centrifugal force allows the club to work on the correct path and plane without your having to think about it, allowing you to reach a perfect position at the top. It also encourages a smooth, graceful swing both going back and coming down, enabling you to hit the ball more solidly with less effort.

A good way of setting up centrifugal force during the waggle is to shift your center of gravity slightly to the right, almost imperceptibly. One of the best ways to create centrifugal force and employ it to its limits is to swing the clubhead around the center of gravity going back and coming through.

To create centrifugal force it is essential to shift your center of gravity to the right at the initial stage of the backswing as you would naturally do to whirl around a somewhat heavy object fixed to a cord. So, move your center of gravity a tad to the right during the waggle and do the same during the takeaway.
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