Thursday, April 24, 2014 | 7:36 a.m. ET     
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Woman loses 66 kg for designer bags
Laura Ferguson, 38, from England, lost 66kg after her husband promised her to buy a designer bag for every 6kg she loses, the Daily Mail reported. Husband Paul, 35, has bought her two - a 1.42 million won Stella McCartney bag and a 1.06 million won..

Suicidal man accuses his selfie for death cause 'it will never be perfect'
A British male teenager tried to commit suicide after he failed to take the perfect selfie, the New York Daily News said Sunday.

Miranda Kerr strips in freezing Switzerland
Miranda Kerr, 30, stripped for a fashion shoot by a Swiss lake despite close to freezing temperatures, the Daily Mail reported Monday. Miranda posted a behind-the-scenes picture of herself wearing very little during a photo shoot at Lake Zurich, wh..

Haunted store? Glass tray falls by itself
A surveillance video from a country store in Gilford showed a glass cake tray mysteriously thrown from the table and shattered on the ground.

Will Italian mafia target Pope Francis?
Will the Italian mafia target Pope Francis for assassination? The question is increasingly being raised after the Pope began pointing at its misdeeds.

Crimea's Tatars flee for Ukraine far west
Russia's annexation of Crimea has sent hundreds of the region's ethnic Tatars fleeing the peninsula for western Ukraine out of fear of a backlash from Moscow.

Chinese plane finds 'suspicious objects,' could be from missing jet
A Chinese aircrew has spotted suspicious objects in the southern Indian Ocean in the search for vanished Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the official Xinhua news agency said Monday.

Kimchi facing crisis at home in Korea
Its unmistakable smell permeates Seoul subway carriages during the rush hour, and aficionados claim it is the healthiest food on the planet, the Guardian reports.

Airbnb cofounders to become 1st sharing economy billionaires
With Airbnb just days from closing a large new funding round that will value the company at $10 billion, its founders are about to become billionaires, Forbes reports. Cofounders Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia will all maintain per..

Cop killers get over 100 years in prison
The gunman in the fatal drive-by shooting of Chicago Police Officer Alejandro Alex Valadez was sentenced to 105 years in prison Wednesday while his co-defendant received a 120-year prison sentence, Chicago Sun Times reported.

China's rich ditching country to avoid smog
By the 1970s, Central Park was in a state of decay. Bridges were crumbling. Meadows had dried up. Graffiti and vandalism blighted playgrounds and benches.

Did Kurt Cobain kill himself? 20 years on
With the 20th anniversary of the suicide of Kurt Cobain coming up next month, Seattle police knew they'd be getting plenty of questions about the Nirvana frontman, the Associated Press reports.

Swede exonerated in serial killings after 23 years
A Swede who once was considered a psychopathic serial killer is a free man after authorities found that his eight murder convictions were based on false confessions, the Associated Press reports.

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A photograph of the half sunken ferry 'the cruelest photo'
Death toll jumps to 150 as divers crank up search efforts
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