Sunday, May 3, 2015 | 6:47 p.m. ET     
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'No pants subway ride' goes global
Thousands of people went pantless on the subway earlier this week for a project that started years ago as a prank in New York.

Pope to ride 'jeepney' in Philippines
Pope Francis will ride in an open jeepney, a popular form of transportation in the Philippines, when he visits the Southeast Asian country this week, AFP reports.

Another 'air rage' incident, this time in China
At least 25 passengers on an airplane in China were detained on Saturday for opening emergency exits just before takeoff in protest of a delayed flight.

Nearly 200 vehicles in deadly pile-up
Nearly 200 vehicles were involved in a pile-up on an icy, snow-covered highway in western Michigan, killing a truck driver and injuring dozens, the Detroit News reported.

'I am not Charlie': Al Jazeera debate leaked online
Reporters and editorial staff at Al Jazeera have responded to the deadly attacks on the Paris satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo through staff e-mails, which have been leaked to the National Review Online.

Go nuts and lose belly fat
The next time you sit in front of the TV you might want to grab handful of almonds instead of high carb snacks.

French security forces kill gunmen, one at large
Security forces on Friday ended three days of terror around Paris, killing the two brothers who staged the deadly rampage at the satirical Charlie Hebdo newspaper.

When urban legends come true: Giant snake found in the toilet
Stephanie Lacsa noticed an unusually high level of water in her office toilet Tuesday. When she flushed it, a giant snake popped out.

Tiger Woods' Swedish island for sale
Golf superstar Tiger Woods is selling his luxury Swedish island, according to the Telegraph.

White House looks into leak of Obama daughter photo
The White House is investigating the leak of U.S. President Barack Obamas daughter Malias picture on the social media page of a New York rap group.

U.S., Canada 'colder than Mars' this winter
Some places on Earth are colder this winter than the warmest temperatures on Mars.

'Everyone drinks and drives on New Year's Eve'
A man stopped on New Years Eve for allegedly drinking and driving claimed he was innocent, arguing that everyone drinks and drives on the holiday.

Bill Gates says 'poop water' is safe
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he is willing to drink poop water.

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