Tuesday, July 29, 2014 | 11:44 p.m. ET     
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Man dies after watching World Cup game
A Chinese man was found dead in his home in Suzhou where he was last seen watching the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Spain.

Where there's a wheel there's a way for naked bike riders
Torontos 100 earth-loving cyclists participated in the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) event on Saturday, boldly riding the citys streets with no clothes on.

Duke porn star loses financial aid
Miriam Weeks, the Duke University sophomore better known as porn star Belle Knox, has lost the student aid money she was receiving from the school - and she is not happy about it.

Woman finds razor in Burger King salad
People usually want to eat in a hurry when they go into a fast-food restaurant, not get rushed to hospital.

Snorting coke like having sex, says former mayor
Marion Barry, the colorful and controversial former mayor of Washington, D.C, is back in the news with a tell-all autobiography.

Teacher claims he was fired for not believing in God
A high school teacher claims he was fired for complaining about the religious environment at the school where he taught, The Goshen News reported.

[video]Did LeBron cry on the bench?
The San Antonio Spurs prevented the Miami Heat from a three-peat and Heat superstar LeBron James did not appear to take the setback to well.

British couple marry for 66th time
A British couple recently had their 66th wedding in Pakistan after getting married in 50 countries, said New Tang Dynasty Television (NDT.Tv) reported.

200kg man hid drugs in belly fat, police say
A routine traffic stop in Florida turned into a drugs and weapons bust after officers discovered the Christopher Mitchell, 42, hiding marijuana in the folds of his belly fat.

Mom angry at Jet Blue after daughter pees in seat
A Massachusetts woman says Jet Blue did nothing to help her three-year-old daughter who desperately needed to use the toilet.

Croatian footballers exposed in naked photos
Croatias national soccer team found itself exposed in Brazil after photos emerged of players swimming naked at a hotel pool.

Man guns down wife 'to put her out of misery'
A Colorado man who admitted shooting dead his wife has pleaded not guilty to murder, claiming his first shot was an accident and the second was a "mercy killing".

Leading writer arrested for child porn
Bangladesh police have arrested A. Y. M. Fakhruzzaman, and three others for running a gang that used street children in pornographic films for foreigners.

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