Tuesday, December 1, 2015 | 7:26 a.m. ET     
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÷θ ΰ ӿ Ʊ ִ Ǿ ְ ִ.

China signals end to island-building in South China Sea
China says it will soon complete controversial land reclamation on the Spratly Islands in the internationally disputed South China Sea.

Drug offers hope for dwarfism sufferers
An experimental drug to treat dwarfism in children is showing positive results.

'ܰü, 츮 ġ ̹ ľߴ'
ֻ󿡴 ηΰ? ǹ ׷ ʴ١ 亯ؿ , ֱ ̾ ܰü η 츮 ġ ˰ ̶͡ ߴٰ ܽ 16 ߴ.

߻ 3, 'ܹ 1..' ʴ..
ܹ 3 ϴ 꿡 250 Ǵ ȸ ϰ ִ.

ȷ vs ڻԼ, ڴ? ()
ڻԼҿ ȷΰ ο ġ 꿡 ȭ.

Billionaire Donald Trump chases U.S. presidency
Real-estate mogul, TV celebrity and billionaire Donald Trump is running for U.S. president as a Republican nominee.

Rapper Iggy Azalea reveals insecurities
Iggy Azalea has revealed her struggle with body image, and how she embraced her flaws.

Balcony collapse kills Irish students in U.S.
Six Irish students died when a fourth-floor apartment balcony collapsed in Berkeley, California, on Tuesday.

Migrants attempt to hitch ride to U.K.
Dramatic video footage of shows migrants attempting to break into the back of a truck at a French port in a bid to get to Britain.

Driver jailed over fatal kiss
A teen from Somerset, England, drowned after her boyfriend leaned over to kiss her while driving home from a pub.

Facebook releases private photo-share app
Facebook has released an app that allows users to privately share photos of themselves using facial-recognition technology.

100 ҸӴ ? ''
100 ̱ ǺϾ ҸӴ ȭ.

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Suzy disappoints with pansori movie
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