Tuesday, June 30, 2015 | 11:27 p.m. ET     
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̰ ' '..UFC 'BKB' ָ϶
BKB(Big Knockout Boxing) ⽺ 迡 ο ٶ Ű ִ. UFC 迡 Ű鼭 Ÿݽ ̹ Ȯε BKB Ƽ Ѵ.

ä ߸ Ǿ '3 Ͻ'
ǾӸ , Ŵ , ı ȯ, ں Ӹ. ص ĥ ߻ 氪 ƴ ʰ Ǹϴ ִ. ٷ ٸ ȴ ̵ Դ´ٴ ̿ ߱ ̴.

Video shows final moments Alps plane crash
A mobile phone video has reportedly emerged of the last moments of the Germanwings plane that crashed killing 150 people.

Man ties up woman in 'Fifty Shades' sex session
A U.K. bricklayer has admitted assaulting a woman in a Fifty Shades of Grey-style sex session.

Disgruntled employees 'Please Fire Me'
Employees are never happy at work and are always finding something to complain about. Despite moaning that they are under high financial pressure and need to have a job, there are those who hate their jobs so badly that they just want to be fired. ..

Police probe 'hate' bashing of Sikh man
A Sikh man has been bashed in a crowded street outside a Birmingham nightclub in the West Midlands of England in what reportedly was a religiously motivated attack.

Office sex-romp woman flees to U.K.
A woman caught having sex with her senior manager at a New Zealand insurance company has fled to her home in Britain.

Actress' bony body shocks fans
Actress Tara Reid has revealed her too skinny body, sparking heath concerns among fans.

IS reveals photos of couple stoned to death
The Islamic State group (IS) has released photographs of a couple stoned to death for having pre-marital sex.

Mystery woman defecates in hospital hallway
A woman in Istanbul has been caught on video defecating in a hospital hallway and walking away.

ǰ ̽׸ ' ٱⰡ X ...'
UFO ̽ ŭ ߿ ˷ ü ñ ھƳ ϳ ٷ ǰ ̱ ɵ Ư ϻ̴. ̵ 36 (Lyndon Baines Johnson) ׾߸ Ȳ ־ٰ Ѵ. ٸƴ 濡 ġϿ..

þƼ '' ¾
󱼡 þ ¾ ֹ Ƽ ̿ ȭ ǰ ִ.

ISIS children help behead Syrian captives
The Islamic States (IS/ISIS) used children to help behead eight Syrian captives, according to a video posted on social media.

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