Friday, October 31, 2014 | 8:4 a.m. ET     
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Syrians make touching tribute to Robin Williams
Residents of Kafranbel, Syria, have released a poignant tribute to late comedian and actor Robin Williams as they attempt to draw international attention to the ongoing bloodshed in the crisis-hit country, news website Vox reports.

Puppy saves a lost girl in Siberia
A puppy helped an infant girl survive the Siberian wilderness, according to news reports.

Itaewon pub rejects black customers over Ebola
The fear over the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa hasnt put the collective Korean intelligence in a positive light.

Cocaine bust: woman arrested for smuggling drugs in breast implants
Madrid police detained a woman at the Adolfo Suarez Airport for allegedly attempting to smuggle 1.7 kilograms of cocaine in her fake breast implants, reports say.

Porn actress detained for filming at church
Austrian police detained an adult film actress who allegedly sneaked into a village church and filmed herself performing sexual acts, AFP reports.

Women more successful than men in online money-raising
Women appear to be more successful than men in raising money for their business projects on crowd-funding sites such as Kickstarter, a new study said.

Pigeons interrupt baseball game
The Major League Baseball game between the Detroit Tigers and Pittsburg Pirates at Comerica Park in Detroit was interrupted by unexpected guests.

Blind boy's soulful blues performance inspires Internet
A blind Canadian boy, 10, has conquered the Internet as a blues magician.

How Arab playboys fly their supercars to London
Qatar Airways touted its state-of-the-art transport abilities by demonstrating how it flies luxurious supercars during last weeks Dubai Airshow.

Public outcry over police brutality in US
Public outcry over police brutality in US

Wife killer sues health officials over mental illness
A British man who stabbed his wife to death is suing the countrys National Health Service, accusing it of failing to properly treat his mental illness before he carried out the attack.

Man spends 25 years recreating Titanic's kitchen
A British Titanic enthusiast spent 25 years turning his garden into the dining room of the Titanic, using actual pieces from the famous ship and its sister vessel the Olympic.

Boyfriend floors girlfriend with Frozen-themed wedding proposal
Peoples obsession with the Disney animated movie Frozen continues to hit new levels.

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