Monday, January 26, 2015 | 3:14 a.m. ET     
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I spy Mapo - new trailer for 'Avengers 2'
An extended trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron has been released, catching the attention of many Koreans with glimpses of Seoul.

Koreans invent new name for Kardashian
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian continued her mission to break the Internet, Thursday, appearing in another set of revealing magazine photographs.

Window washers left dangling from 68th floor
Two window washers were trapped in a scaffold dangling dangerously from the 68th floor of the One World Trade Center on Wednesday afternoon.

Demetia may have killed Robin Williams
Medicine that can trigger hallucinations may have caused actor Robin Williams to kill himself, online newspapers reported on Wednesday.

iPhone 6 marriage proposal FAIL
An ardent suitor in China was not the only one surprised at his girlfriends response to his very expensive marriage proposal.

Kardashian butts in with a drink
A magazine has released a teaser for the cover of its printed winter issue, which is certainly looking to break the Internet (the companys motto) with Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian West going upmarket with her famous posterior.

Woman licks reporter on live TV for epic photo-bomb
A reporter in Portland, Ore., got a surprise while covering a marijuana ballot initiative last week, when a woman snuck up and licked his neck from behind.

Rocket-propelled bicycle breaks record
A Frenchman has set the world record for fastest bicycle with the help of three rocket engines.

Wedding ring electrocutes handyman
A Florida man was electrocuted through his wedding ring, the New York Daily News reports.

New snakebite cure developed in Mexico
Mexican scientists invented a new antidote for venomous snake bites, with an assist from a less poisonous creature.

Here's why ice is better than sex for people with pagophagia
A recent study shows why some people crave ice to the point where crunching on the stuff becomes better than sex.

Airborne aircraft carriers? Pentagon is working on it
The Pentagon is seeking to build an airborne aircraft carrier, akin to the one seen in the Hollywood film Avengers, which hovers in the sky using four giant fans.

100-year-old woman skydives, thumbing nose at death
A 100-year-old woman in New York made headlines by skydiving, thumbing her nose at death, USA Today said Monday.

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