Sunday, August 2, 2015 | 7:18 p.m. ET     
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Russian navy enters English Channel
Russian warships entered the English Channel on Tuesday ahead of Russias planned military exercises.

China's new cyber weapon 'Great Cannon' uncovered
Researchers have discovered Chinas latest cyber warfare weapon that they have dubbed the Great Cannon.

Bad marriage link to high blood pressure
A bad relationship with your wife can cause high blood pressure, a study reveals.

Chinese girl's plastic surgery shocks
A Chinese girl has amassed more than 400,000 fans on Chinese social media after posting her too beautiful images following drastic plastic surgery.

' Ż' ũ ༺
Ż( 46m) ũ ༺ 2017 浹 ̶ ̱ õڰ ߴ.

Australia to halt child benefits for refusing vaccinations
Australia will stop welfare benefits for parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated.

Facebook removes photos of baby with no nose
A mother in the U.S. has vented her anger after Facebook removed pictures of her baby, who was born without a nose.

Birth control pills shrink brains, study shows
Birth control pills shrink womens brains, causing certain parts to become thinner than normal and harming cerebral regions in charge of decision-making and emotions, research shows.

Man ejaculates on female subway commuters
Police arrested a man for ejaculating on more than 100 female subway commuters.

Man arrested after punching toddler in face
Police have arrested a man after he was filmed punching a toddler in the face in a California shopping mall.

Model pans bikini dance video
Model Kate Upton says she felt uncomfortable about the Cat Daddy video, in which she danced in a bikini.

Bobcat catches shark
A Florida man has photographed a bobcat catching a shark.

Porn star offers footballer 16-hour sex session
A Russian porn star has offered to have marathon sex with a Russian footballer if he scores five more goals this season.

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MERS cases remain flat; Hong Kong to resume group travel to Korea
Korea's exports drop seven months in row
A sitting lawmaker faces sexual assault allegations
US soldiers mapping underground military facilities in N. Korea
Singer Yoon Mi-rae's single with DJ Boys Noize is out
PyeongChang looks to cooperating with Asian Olympic host cities
Lotte loses 1 tln won in China over past 4 years
Beijing elected host of 2022 Winter Olympics
Possible women's fight excites netizens
Rousey beat Brazilian in 34 seconds