Saturday, December 27, 2014 | 1:27 a.m. ET     
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Pet dog aids owner's recovery
A man with a serious disease started recovering after his pet dog was allowed to be by his bedside.

Girls less happy than boys, study shows
A study cited by a British news outlet revealed girls aged between 10 and 15 are generally less happy than boys of the same age group.

Obama's credit card rejected at fancy restaurant
Even U.S. President Barack Obama knows what its like to have a credit card turned down at a restaurant.

Woman in labor held at gunpoint by cops
A couple in Iowa was held at gunpoint by police while rushing to a hospital to deliver a baby.

Mom helps gangster son in 'attempted murder'
A Florida woman has taken maternal love to an extreme level, allegedly driving her son - a believed gangster -- to an apartment complex to shoot someone.

Tattooed, pot-smoking mummy gets MRI scan
A recent MRI scan on the mummified remains of a Siberian princess has uncovered the cause of her death some 2,500 years ago.

Shanghai to get world's largest Disney castle
The new Shanghai Disneyland will feature the worlds tallest Disney Castle, operators of the resort say.

JK Rowling to extend 'Harry Potter' spinoff series
Author JK Rowling could write screenplays for her upcoming Harry Potter spinoff series that could go beyond the previously announced three films.

Japanese men busted for 'sniff-me' prostitute ring
Three men in Japan were arrested Thursday for operating a prostitution ring in which clients paid to sniff the bodies of teenage girls, Now News reports.

Man wakes up in pink panties after colonoscopy
A Delaware man is suing for emotional distress for allegedly waking up from a colonoscopy to find he was wearing a pair of pink, womens underwear, Delaware Online reports.

Obese body sets crematorium on fire
A crematorium in Richmond, Va. caught on fire last week after an overweight corpse created excessive heat and oil, reports said.

McDonald's attempt to reveal what is "real"
After constant reports of dirty ingredients that are part of the burger-making-process of McDonald's, the fast food opened its factory doors by hiring an ex-Discovery channel star, Grant Imahara to appear on a video for the company.

Norweigian women subjected to military conscription
Norway's military conscription has been extended to women for gender balance within its armed forces, following a parliamentary agreement.

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