Monday, May 4, 2015 | 1:57 p.m. ET     
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'123456' is the top password to avoid
If youre one of the people still using 123456 as your online password, youre probably going to want to change it.

Actor Will Ferrell knocks out cheerleader with basketball
Spectators at a basketball game caught Hollywood actor Will Ferrell on camera knocking out a cheerleader by throwing a basketball at her head during an NBA halftime show.

South Korea/Japan and ISIS' war of attrition
If the Paris massacres didnt prove Islamic fundamentalism was a global problem, events these past few days have certainly added more fuel to that particular fire. Japan and South Korea, more accustomed to arguing over Tokyos historic revisionis..

Randall Park wishes best for N. Korean people
Korean-American actor Randall Park expressed his best wishes for the people of North Korea, after playing dictator Kim Jong-un in the recent Sony Pictures film, The Interview.

Kardashian tweets sizzling selfie to publicize book
Reality television star Kim Kardashian on Tuesday revealed the sexy cover shot for her upcoming book of selfies, which is due out this spring.

Malaysia won't punish fans for hugging K-pop stars
Malaysian authorities have decided not to press indecency charges against three teenage girls for hugging members of K-pop boy group B1A4 during a recent fan meeting.

Christiano Ronaldo ends five-year romance with Russian model
Portuguese football star Christiano Ronaldo has ended his five-year-long romance with Russian model and actress Irina Shayk.

Miss Lebanon 'photobombed' for selfie with Miss Israeli
A Lebanese beauty queen has been receiving criticism for appearing in a photo with Miss Israel.

Man with eyeball tattoo pleads guilty to shooting cop
A man in Alaska nicknamed Eyeball because of a tattoo on his right eye pleaded guilty to shooting an Anchorage police officer in 2012.

Pet alligator, cat carcasses found in backyard
A 2.5-meter alligator has been found with two cat carcasses in the backyard of a suburban Los Angeles home, reports said.

Starbucks' cheese syrup raises eyebrows
Starbucks has raised some eyebrows after a sharp-eyed netizen posted a photo of something called cheese-flavored syrup, which is used in certain coffee products.

Facebook 'likes' reveal your real personality
The Facebook pages you like can give a more accurate analysis of your personality than the people closest to you, a study shows.

Suspect stops for chicken and biscuits after robbing bank
Police in New Kensington, Pennsylvania arrested a robbery suspect after find the man eating at a chicken and biscuits restaurant just two blocks from the scene of the crime.

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