Friday, April 25, 2014 | 2:44 p.m. ET     
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$40 mil. Nazi-looted Matisse returns to art dealer's family
A Norwegian museum says it has agreed to return a Matisse once looted by Hermann Goering to the family of Jewish art dealer Paul Rosenberg, the New York Daily News reported.

Twitter account posting pictures of teens indulging in misconduct shut down
Controversial Twitter account @LI PartyStories, which was used by Long Island teens to flaunt photos of underage drinking and sexual misconduct, has been suspended, the New York Daily News said Monday.

Facebook addicts do it even during sex
According to condom manufacturer Durex, a full 5 percent, or 3 million people, of Britons check Facebook during sex.

Warren Buffett wins $1 bil. NCAA bet
When a man like Warren Buffett waves a billion dollars in your face, you should know immediately that this is no freebee.

Judge apologizes in court to tourists over attack
A judge has told a young French couple attacked with a pistol on their visit to New Zealand that he is "embarrassed and ashamed" by what happened to them, Stuff reports.

Victoria Beckham: Fashion world's best-kept secret
If you want to look skinny, go baggy, was the secret of Victoria Beckham which is also the fashion worlds best-kept styling secret, according to the Daily Mail.

New Zealanders discriminated in Australia
More than half of new migrants to Australia say that the government provides adequate services to assist them to settle, with some saying it is too generous, a new report has revealed.

Naked man strikes Goddess pose in museum
A man stripped naked before Sandro Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" at Florence's Uffizi Gallery in Italy, Saturday, Huffington Post reported Tuesday. Facing the Botticelli painting, he struck the same pose as the goddess depicted in the 15th-century ..

Teen arrested for sexually assaulting 2-year-old baby
U.S. Immigration officials said they captured a man who allegedly took a picture of himself sexually abusing a 2-year-old, Huffington Post reported.

Missing Malaysian airplane confirmed to have crashed at southern Indian Ocean
The newest development on the missing Malaysian flight MH370 confirmed it crashed at southern Indian Ocean, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced in his official statement on Monday night. Speaking at a news conference held at Putra World ..

Pig Blood Cocktails people are actually drinking
A bartender in Chicago is offering pigs blood cocktails to people. Nandini Khaund, the bartender behind a cocktail application and owner of a cocktail blog, mixed up what she named Reign in Blood cocktail as part of the Chicago Readers Co..

UFOs, tentacled monsters and more outlandish visitors raid London bus shelter
Pepsi Max pulled off a neat trick in showcasing an amazing street ad project in London.

Strippers advise male patrons few tips
An online community has released etiquettes for strip club customers known as the Guy Code that they must be aware of to get attention from sexy dancers and also rule the gentlemans club.

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'Is my child some garbage to throw out?'
Naked man terrorizes families of missing
'It's their last day in school'
Lawmaker's son with anti-Korean comment embraced by netizens
'A mother like me can only do so much,'
Escaped crewmembers had lunch while Sewol sank
N. Korea offers condolences over S. Korean ferry victims
Ex-lawmaker terms Sewol tragedy opportunistic study source
Infidel Sewol captain and sailors devout Guwon faithfuls
Rescue operation in last-ditch effort