Tuesday, March 3, 2015 | 1:26 a.m. ET     
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'Deodorant candy' invented in Bulgaria
An owner of a candy factory owner in Bulgaria claims that he has produced edible deodorant, according to AFP.

'Eaten Alive' under fire for anaconda hoax
The Discovery Channel program Eaten Alive is taking a beating online after an episode that was supposed to show a man being eaten alive by a snake, ended anticlimactically.

Delta seeks to upgrade flights with craft beer
Craft beer is booming in many places around the world, and can now be enjoyed at cruising altitude as well.

Messi's unreal curve kick wows crowd
While Barcelonas 5-1 romp over RCD Espanyol was filled with highlight reel shots, one in particular took fans breath away.

Naturalist swallowed by anaconda, lives to tell about it
American naturalist Paul Rosolie risked his life by getting voluntarily eaten by an anaconda in order to raise awareness about dwindling rainforests across the globe.

'Interview' stars joke about Sony hack on SNL
American actors James Franco and Seth Rogen made light of the recent hacking of Sony Studios, the distributor of their upcoming film The Interview, on last weeks episode of Saturday Night Live.

Korean violinist gets flak for scolding child
Renowned Korean violinist Chung Kyung-wha drew flak last week in London for berating the parents of a child who coughed during her performance at Royal Festival Hall.

Elton John takes tumble during tennis exhibition
British musician Sir Elton John was unfazed after comically falling out of a chair during a tennis exhibition in London, Sunday.

Rugged US warplane 'Warthog' back to fight IS
An old, rugged - and some say ugly - American warplane is heading into battlefields in Syria and Iraq to fight the Islamic State terrorist groups.

Eric Garner protest turns violent in Calif.
A protest in California against a New York grand jurys decision not to indict a white policeman in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man, turned violent Saturday, with protesters smashing windows and throwing objects at police.

'Vagina boat' artist arrested again in Japan
A Tokyo artist known for her genital-inspired works has been arrested again in a case that has sparked debate about freedom of expression in Japan.

Woman who cooked neighbor gets life in prison
A court in Volusia County, Fla. has sentenced a woman to life in prison for dismembering and cooking her neighbor, Associated Press (AP) reports.

'Cute' teen's mug shot goes viral
The mugshot of an 18-year-old in North Carolina has gone viral after she posted it on Twitter, calling herself cute.

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