Tuesday, July 29, 2014 | 11:35 a.m. ET     
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[reserve]Enjoy the world's most expensive meal at $2,000 per person
How much would the worlds most expensive meal cost? The answer is $2,000 a head.

Black coffee makes clean teeth, scientists say
Coffee lovers with bad teeth should not blame it on their Americanos.

Korea's 'rotten' fish dish shocks the world
While Korean food is gaining global acceptance, hongeo," the traditional fermented skate dish, remains an acquired taste to the rest of the world.

Ex-porn star runs for school board
A former porn star with the stage name Dave Pounder is running for school board in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Germany coach picks his nose before shaking Ronaldo's hand
Germany coach Joachim Low has a talent for adding insult to injury.

Man tries to throw drug-stuffed football into prison yard, falls short
A 22 year-old man who tried to throw a football loaded with drugs and mobile phones into a Michigan prison yard came up just short.

Man annoys plane passengers with loud prayer
A video of a man praying loudly inside a passenger jet has triggered debate on the Internet. Some accused the man of being inconsiderate while others argued that airlines should do more to provide a better environment for in-flight prayer, consider..

China's dog meat festival faces scrutiny
A dog meat festival scheduled for this weekend in Yulin, China, appears to be in danger of derailing. The resistance from animal rights activists is so severe that the municipal government, which planned the event, is now trying to bail on it, Want..

[video]Elated high school graduate flashes on podium
A U.S. high school has torn a strip off a student who decided the traditional cap and gown was just too much clothing at his graduation ceremony, according to Britains Mirror newspaper.

Man dies after watching World Cup game
A Chinese man was found dead in his home in Suzhou where he was last seen watching the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Spain.

Where there's a wheel there's a way for naked bike riders
Torontos 100 earth-loving cyclists participated in the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) event on Saturday, boldly riding the citys streets with no clothes on.

Duke porn star loses financial aid
Miriam Weeks, the Duke University sophomore better known as porn star Belle Knox, has lost the student aid money she was receiving from the school - and she is not happy about it.

Woman finds razor in Burger King salad
People usually want to eat in a hurry when they go into a fast-food restaurant, not get rushed to hospital.

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Suzy victim of sex offense - or is it an illusion?
Reality star wants tougher 'revenge porn' laws
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