Saturday, April 30, 2016 | 12:19 a.m. ET     
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Actresses' nude scenes snapped
Actresses sometimes have to endure unattractive roles.

Video reveals 10 weapons that kill most people
You might be surprised that the weapons feature in this YouTube are somewhat old fashioned.

Man forces wife to walk naked in street: video
A shocking clip has captured a man forcing his wife to walk naked down a city street, provoking anger on social media, the British Daily Mail reports.

Video reveals 10 animals that kill most people
You might be surprised by some of the creatures featured in this YouTube video of the top 10 killers of people.

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ɳĿ ġ ⵶ε鸸 ̷ ̽ ü 밨 ¼ ù ѻ ޿ Ÿ ߴ.

Wife throws alleged mistress into river
A video has captured the shocking moment an angry wife throws her husbands alleged mistress into a river, the British Daily Mail reports.

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ǻ簡 ° ڽ Ⱓ Ŀ ġϿ ʿ ˷.

̽ COO , и 377
̽ ְå(COO) θ װ 3õ100 ޷( 377 )ġ ֽ ȸ ڴʰ ˷.

It's no secret: List names promising models
Kim Serpa at the website Richest has listed the 10 promising models of Victorias Secret.

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(47) ߱ Ű 13(ð) ߴ. 73.

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Ѽ dz Ű 40 ü ʶ߸ Ż ('츮 ִ') Ҽ ǿ ȸ Ʊ⸦ ǰ ִ.

Artist in nude protest over Cologne sex assaults
Performance artist Milo Moire has staged a nude protest in front of Cologne Cathedral over the sexual assault of hundreds of women in the city on New Years Eve.

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[ed] Discussing NK future
NK tightens controls on people ahead of congress
Biggest-ever S. Korea-US military drills draw to close amid high tension
Park may gain Iranian support over nuke issue
Bodybuilders top dope user list
New age of hallyu goddesses emerges
Obama should go to Hiroshima
Blatant product placement mars K-dramas
3rd Zika infection confirmed in Korea
President's dress code for Iran visit stirs debate