Friday, September 4, 2015 | 4:11 a.m. ET     
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Ǯ ߰ߵ 'ü' ü Ƽ ǹ ʰ ִ.

Teenager rides on shark
An American teenager has ridden on the back of an endangered shark.

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±ǵ ڿ Ϲ ο 꿡 α⸦ ִ. ӿ ĵ带 ̴ ±ǵ ڰ ο ִ.

Man's roar frightens off bear
A Swedish mans loud screams have scared away a charging bear.

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ִ ÷ κ ͳݿ ҰǾ.

Turtle with shattered beak receives 3D titanium replica
Doctors and researchers have saved a loggerhead sea turtle by implanting a 3D-printed titanium beak to the animals broken jaw, online media has reported.

Handshakes may forecast illness or death: study
Handshakes may predict chances of illness or premature death, a study shows.

UFO photographed over Madrid
A man has photographed mysterious objects flying above Madrid, Spain.

Online News landscape set to change
Facebook launched its new Instant Articles platform, Tuesday, with the hope of becoming the definitive application for users around the globe. Currently only a handful of news outlets have signed up for the service, allowing Facebook to directl..

Con artists use Starbucks app: CNN
While Starbucks Korea has gained momentum through its huge expansion, the coffee giant is facing a less than frothy outlook with its mobile payments system.

Report reveals North Korea's banned list
An online media outlet has published what it says are daily activities that are banned in North Korea.

Human-like robot greets Tokyo shoppers
Japanese electronics maker Toshiba has launched a humanoid robot at a busy Tokyo mall.

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'ű Ȳ' غ ǹ߷ ۿ ִ νŰ 꿡 ȭ.

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