Posted : 2008-07-22 17:11
Updated : 2008-07-22 17:11

Mobile Woes Over for Foreigners

Kim Min-jung
By Kim Min-jung

As many of you I'm sure already know, the prospect of integrating in to an entirely new culture can be a somewhat daunting experience. Such fears can be further widened when one is without certain basic necessities.

One of those necessities is a cell phone. As phone booths in Korea have become nearly obsolete, the need for cell phones has grown exponentially. With this in mind, I want to shed some light on the services LG Telecom provides that are tailored exclusively to the needs of foreigners in Korea.

Gone are the days when one needs to be accompanied by a Korean to activate a mobile phone. One need no longer worry about what's in the fine print nor how to benefit from the most cost-efficient cell phone plans available in the Korean market.

Furthermore, unlike other telecommunication providers, foreign customers are not required to provide a deposit nor submit credit card information to activate their cell phone plan. Instead, LG Telecom has a much lower activation fee and only asks for one's alien registration card and Korean bank account information.

When one visits the Seoul Global Center, I will do everything I can to ensure peace of mind when setting up a cell phone plan for new users.

For those opening new accounts, I will provide a thorough breakdown of the necessary steps involved, making sure customers know what they're signing ― every little detail. Before, such procedures often left foreigners flustered, as language barriers prevented them from taking advantage of the best rates Korea had available at the time.

Korean cell phone functions, rates and services are different from other countries. I feel that the majority of complaints from foreigners stem from such issues. To alleviate such concerns, I try to make my customers feel as comfortable as possible before I have them sign a contract.

I receive all kinds of clients at the Seoul Global Center: teachers, students, government officials, and corporate employees. Naturally, those clients have a varying degree of needs. I make it a priority to customize such needs, matching them up with the most cost effective package.

A popular option is the Korean Dream Phone Service and can be simply added to your existing plan at any time. In an exclusive partnership with KEB Bank, our clients benefit from competitive overseas calling rates and 24-hour wire transfer capabilities any day of the week directly via one's mobile phone.

Another strategy I came up with was to put customers on a carefully selected plan and have them monitor their usage to get a clearer idea of how much time they use. I give them the option of coming back afterwards if need be so that I can better assess their plans more carefully and make appropriate changes.

Although I rarely have customers return, just having the option available to them is comforting. I also handle all matters of follow-up services such as after-service or the closing down of an account.

As the foreign community grows, there is an ever-growing need for a solid support system. The lack of convenience in activating mobile phones as of late has left many foreigners in a state of bewilderment and extreme frustration.

LG has abolished all of the frustrations that have been plaguing foreigners for so long. Those wishing to activate a cellular phone no longer need to be accompanied by a Korean translator to decipher what the fine print in the contract means.

What's more, non-natives can now reap the benefits of exclusive features that were once elusive to them.

Essentially, the string of new services keeps clients in good hands and one step closer to Korea. Reducing all this hassle frees up valuable time that should be spent exploring and getting the most out of one's time here.

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You may forward all your inquiries to me either through email or phone, or simply stop by the Seoul Global Center on the 3rd floor of the Seoul Press Center.

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