Saturday, October 22, 2016 | 5:45 p.m. ET     
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Constitutional crisis in the making
Because of a critical flaw in the Korean Constitution, the National Assemblys nine-month delay in nominating a justice to a vacant seat may cause an irreparable constitutional crisis.

Following the Chinese lead
Most of the world has come to realize, including even the Chinese ruling elite, that central planning leads to inefficient utilization of capital, low growth and entrenched poverty.

The Green-Tea Party
My grandfather was proud to be a Democrat and my father a Republican and I am proud not to vote.

A monkey on my back
Korea ranks behind many of its developed and less developed Asian neighbors in many major economic freedoms and indices.

Korean antitrust laws evolution
Over the past decade, Korea has fostered the development of a Fair Trade Commission (FTC) with the power to actively fight to eliminate anticompetitive forces in the market.

The Chinese arent coming
Willie Sutton, the famous 1940s bank robber, was attributed with answering a reporters questions concerning why he robs banks with: ``that is where the money is.

Outsourcing risks in Korea
So you have decided to outsource the manufacturing of your products to Korea. Good choice in choosing quality-focused Korea over quantity-focused China, but don't make the bad choice of not even taking the basic legal steps necessary to protect you..

Grand jury introduced to Korea
Prosecutor General Kim Joon-gyu, in reaction to a recent bribery/sex scandal involving over 100 current and former prosecutors, announced that Korea should adopt a U.S. grand jury system. He vowed that for major cases he will initiate citizen-revie..

Appetite for Inept Attorneys
I have had the pleasure to work with many of Korea's most entrepreneurial business professionals in outbound investment projects in China, India, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Listen to Your Mother
My mother once told me to look both ways before crossing the street, carry an umbrella in the spring and don't go out alone at night. The advice can go a long way when doing business in Korea or in most parts of the world.

Promoting Economic Freedom
Two roads diverged in Korean yellow woods. Will Korea remain on the road less traveled and maintain its cumbersome regulatory framework governed by an inefficient, illogically burdensome and self-interested bureaucracy or will Korea free itself fro..

Learn From Lee Administration
The Lee Myung-bak administration and local governments have been pumping money into the economy through infrastructure spending. The administration has also lessened the regulatory burden on builders and provided funds for infrastructure and other ..

No Smoking Funny Things
A popular song regularly played on the radio proclaims that in the summer of 1989 the songwriter was ``trying different things and smoking funny things.''

Back to Park Chung-hee
This past week, Korea and my group practice lost a large multinational company to Hong Kong.

Koreans Saved Wall Street
Ok, maybe not, but foreign direct investment (FDI) and other investments by domestic and foreign businesses have contributed to saving the American economy.

Constitutional Courts Tests
In my column, last week, I discussed a case at the Constitutional Court of Korea considering the ban on night protests. The article detailed the test used for time, place, and manner regulation of speech and assembly in the United States.

Ban on Night Protests
The Constitutional Court heard oral arguments, last week, in a landmark case concerning the right to assembly. The case will have a lasting impact on the government's ability to handle serious difficulties violence, disturbance of the peace and ..

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