Friday, October 28, 2016 | 3:18 p.m. ET     
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Nuclear safety and near-neighbors
The earthquake and ensuing tsunami have left a nuclear power plant on Japan's northeastern Pacific coast on the brink of a catastrophic meltdown.

Jang Sa-ik, Chef Meili, Mr. Amb.
Good music, delicious food, and interesting conversation, make for a memorable dinner. Take advantage of the quirks of selective memory and you could still have as nice a dinner, even if these three integral elements arent all present at the same..

Idolatry & Fundamentalism
Two noted pastors of gigantic churches have come under criticism for their inappropriate remarks that triggered conflict and public wrath. They described the disastrous earthquake and tsunami in Japan as Gods punishment for idolatry and the 5,000..

Tiger, what more can you offer?
Eldrick Tont Tiger Woods is coming to Korea next month. According to his sponsor, Nike, during his half-day golf clinic, Tiger will help Korean golfers hone their skills. A field of 100 amateur golfers will be invited to compete in tests of ..

Feel, pray and hope for Japan
The devastating earthquake and the tsunami that struck Japan leaves one without words to express the sorrow and the pain it has brought a neighboring country. Its massive destruction once again reminds us how small we humans are in the face of natu..

Lets help our Japanese friends
First, our hearts go out to our Japanese neighbors who were killed and injured in the massive earthquake and devastating tsunami that followed.

Drop hallyu bomb in N. Korea
Leaflets flown in by North Korea used to be spotted in Seoul until the late 1970s. They were full of unsophisticated propaganda about how happily the people lived under the leadership of their Great Leader Kim Il-sung.

Presidents breach of contract
During the National Prayer Breakfast at Coex, southern Seoul, last week, President Lee Myung-bak and first lady Kim Ok-sook kneeled down and prayed together with hundreds of other participants.

Talk about graying society
When riding the subway train, we see more seniors than ever before. Many are seen standing as well as sitting in a section set aside for the disabled, seniors and pregnant women.

Slapping Islam on the face
Yeouido Full Gospel Church founder-pastor Cho Yong-gi s open challenge to the governments effort to allow sukuk or Islamic bonds can be better understood, when considering one of the outstanding characteristics of Christianity exclusivity.

PyeongChangs dream goes on
The people of PyeongChang seem full of the dream of hosting the global sports gala that has never been held on Korean soil, prompted by a largely positive appraisal from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on their citys bid to host the 201..

Are they our Jack Bauers?
We want to believe that agents representing the National Intelligence Service (NIS) are the ideal combinations of Jack Bauer of the U.S. Counter-terrorism Unit (CTU), James Bond of the British Secret Service and Ethan Hunt (Jim Phelps) of the U.S. ..

Love gone tepid?
In this age of quick-changes, quick-fixes, its becoming rare to spot my car. I drive a 1996 Avante, which about 15 years ago, immediately enraptured me with its fine, round, cute curves. It must have been love at first sight.

Mr. Grayken, keep the money!
It was before the 2008 financial crisis that exposed Wall Street fat cats for what they really were: vampires sucking life out of people and undeterred by crosses, garlic or sunlight.

Bullet mystery
The daring operation to rescue 21 crew members of the freighter Samho Jewelry from Somali pirates on Jan. 21 seemed flawless. Right after Korean naval commandos rescued the cargo ship and its crewmen, President Lee Myung-bak came forward and proudl..

People President doesnt listen to
A couple days ago, I had business lunch with an executive of a big conglomerate.

Mr. Kang, its not your turn
The influence of Kang Man-soo, President Lee Myung-baks first strategy and finance minister and currently President Lees special advisor and chairman of the blue-ribbon Council on National Competitiveness, is hard to miss in the setting-up of n..

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