Wednesday, August 24, 2016 | 10:29 a.m. ET     
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Bullet mystery
The daring operation to rescue 21 crew members of the freighter Samho Jewelry from Somali pirates on Jan. 21 seemed flawless. Right after Korean naval commandos rescued the cargo ship and its crewmen, President Lee Myung-bak came forward and proudl..

People President doesnt listen to
A couple days ago, I had business lunch with an executive of a big conglomerate.

Mr. Kang, its not your turn
The influence of Kang Man-soo, President Lee Myung-baks first strategy and finance minister and currently President Lees special advisor and chairman of the blue-ribbon Council on National Competitiveness, is hard to miss in the setting-up of n..

Is it too late?
Leaders of the ruling Grand National Party (GNP) differed over whether now is time for the party to push for talks on a revision of the Constitution.

Win some, lose some
Just before the Arab terrorists gruesome murder of Kim Sun-il, a Korean taken hostage in Iraq, in June 2004, I, as a political editor, was invited by then-Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon for a briefing.

Passion over welfare
When Prime Minister Kim Hwang-shik took office last October, it wasnt really the confirmation hearings that landed him in hot water.

No dialogue!
There appears to be few new tricks left unused by South Korea and the United States in their joint effort to dissuade North Korea from pursuing nuclear weapons.

Media bubble brewing
The Lee Myung-bak administration has a knack for shocking people at the end of every year.

Dont blame President Lee
Dont blame President Lee Myung-bak.

Pain or pleasure?
Many Korean baby boomers have not saved much for retirement. They are retiring in their mid-50s, whereas their life expectancy is rising fast.

What went wrong?
There was considerable brouhaha concerning the initial reaction by Cheong Wa Dae to North Koreas Nov. 23 artillery attack of Yeonpyeong Island in the West Sea

Speed of a tiger, nimbleness of a rabbit
This year, the year of tiger, went by at the speed of a tiger leaping toward its prey. With such the speed of a big cat toward its prey, here is the last column of the year from me.

It isnt over yet!
When I was a child, I couldnt wait to get older. Then, age was felt like a military rank: the older, the higher.

Chicken game
Should retailers try and read Cheong Wa Daes mind before determining at what price they should sell their products? It seems the presidential house thinks so.

What did you do Monday?
According to news reports both local and international, most of us South Koreans were supposed to be riding an anxiety roller roaster on Monday afternoon.

New look for Korea
No work, no pay? No. This time, no pay for work. The Dong-gu district in Daejeon had failed to set aside 1.3 billion won for salaries for its employees in December.

Thanks to the trade minister
I have a bad old habit of leaving the television on when I go to sleep.

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