Tuesday, September 16, 2014 | 4:25 p.m. ET     
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Wrapping It Up
There is a Korean joke that compares age and driving speed. The joke goes that life in your 20s passes by at 20 kilometers-per-hour, slow as a turtle, while your physical and mental state is turbo-charged to take control of life. Then in your 30s, ..

Setting the Record Straight
The Korea Times has recently learned about some "misunderstandings" regarding our coverage of foreigners in general and native English teachers in particular.

To Sir With Love
When I was a senior in high school, which was a long time ago, my homeroom teacher was popular among my classmates.

You Be the Judge
I was on night duty Friday. I knew that it wouldn't be a slow news night because President Lee Myung-bak was scheduled to make a television appearance later.

National Leader vs. Regional Leader
Park Geun-hye, former chairwoman of the governing Grand National Party (GNP), has bitter memories about her parents. Her father, former president Park Chung-hee, was shot to death at an evening binge near the presidential mansion by one of his cron..

China Syndrome
The United States may be forced to relinquish its mantle as the world's only superpower to China, with the world order based on Pax Americana ceasing to function soon, unless

Fate of Administrative Town
The National Assembly passed a special bill to relocate government offices from Seoul to South Chungcheong Province in a move toward decentralization.

Welcome, President Obama
As an avid subscriber of your letters to the masses since your presidential campaign days and ardent supporter of your cause of hope, I welcome you on your maiden visit to my country.

Delivering to World
Recently, I had the chance to travel through the suburbs of Rome. Now, the Italian capital may well need no further introduction, but its surround areas are definitely lesser known to ordinary travelers, being parts of the wider Lazio region. Stig..

Lighten Up, Yale
There appears to be neither light nor truth in the way Yale University is handling the defamation case brought against it by Dongguk University over what the private U.S. college calls "innocent mistakes" for its role in helping trigger the Shin Je..

Gutless Ruling
The Constitution is meant to protect people's rights and the Constitutional Court exists to uphold its spirit based on the premise that all power comes from the people.

Mike, the Point Is ...
I enjoyed your column about my column. As usual, yours filled in parts left missing and straightened a skewed line of logic. I am writing today's column not as a "counter-column" to yours or with the intention of rebutting what you stated, but more..

Rights to Better Education
Foreign-language high schools have been under fire since a governing party lawmaker branded them as the main culprit behind the country's unusual private education craze earlier this month.

Lone Star & ETS
Call it extra dues one has to pay for living in Korea or take it as a higher law.

A Toast With Makgeolli
When the presidential couple hosted lunch for Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and his wife, Miyuki, following a summit at Cheong Wa Dae on Oct. 9, the menu included "makgeolli," a traditional Korean rice wine.

Too Many Mea Culpas
Everyone's into apologies these days. Which isn't surprising, considering that a lot of people have a lot for which they should apologize, both publicly and privately.

Zero Sum Game
Looking at the heated debate over whether to abolish elitist foreign language schools, I can't help thinking that we Koreans are never Darwinian evolutionists but rather true believers in Schumpeter's theory of creative destruction with the emphasi..

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