Tuesday, February 9, 2016 | 6:43 p.m. ET     
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Its all about timing
Those who know life say that, a lot of the times, it is all about timing. President Lee Myung-bak must have had this in mind when he spoke officially about a need to look into adopting a unification tax.

Steve & Bill
Who is the better man, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

Spare the rod
We were often beaten by our teachers in the old days. The most horrible and humiliating corporal punishment we received was the slap in the face. Some teachers were very considerate of us. Before slapping us in the face, they always warned us: ..

Son of a cow seller
1) Politics is a power game in which only the winners count.

Jolie good (or bad)?
The death of a notable entertainer serves as a milestone of sorts for me, putting my life into perspective.

Run-up to 2012 elections
The month of July saw the ruling Grand National Party (GNP) undergo a leadership change at its biennial national convention and President Lee Myung-bak replace his chief of staff and senior secretaries.

Lee should take the job
Few would thank Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee if he were to take the job as chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI), the big business lobby.

Symbolism vs. substance
There is a lot happening in the country this week. Both U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates were in town for the first-ever ``2+2 meeting. The talks place Clinton and Gates at the table with their respect..

Cheer up Dr. Sakong!
Last week, Sakong Il, chief organizer of the G20 Seoul Summit in November, gave a progress briefing to business editors of media organizations.

Mayor Ohs 2nd term
Mayor Oh Se-hoon started his second four-year term on July 1. It's one month after he won the mayoral election in what is seen as one of the most dramatic upsets in the history of domestic polls.

Lady Hyundais catfight
Will Hyundai Group Chair-woman Hyun Jung-eun be able to win this battle?

Constitutional change
There have been many forums recently in the country on constitutional change. Those forums, organized by lawmakers' groups and sometimes jointly held by academic organizations and government offices, provided an opportunity to see the campaign to m..

Death of print media? Nope
The head of a major vernacular newspaper recently observed, "If we enter the broadcasting business, we will go bankrupt in 10 years. If we stay away and just continue what we have been doing, we will be able to survive for 20 years."

June party
The monsoon season arrived just-in-time. The rain falls as if to quell the early summer heat and to tone down our turbo-charged football fever. The wildly popular Taeguk Warriors, the South Korean national football team, returned home Tuesday from ..

Euh Yoon-dae paradox
Perhaps, Euh Yoon-dae is about to land the wrong job at the wrong time. Not that he had coveted the job as the governor of the Bank of Korea and didn't get it.

Red Devils still hungry
There is nothing like football to drive South Koreans into such a wild, collective frenzy. The chant "Dae~hanminguk" (Republic of Korea) is a commanding spell that lets loose the "Red Devils" en masse.

It is only a game, isnt it?
On one hand, I love football. On the other, I hate it.

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Foreign Minister Yun to visit UN, Germany this week over North Korea sanctions
'NK satellite successfully placed into orbit:' Defense Ministry
European countries condemn North Korea launch in unison
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