Friday, July 1, 2016 | 4:20 a.m. ET     
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Speed of a tiger, nimbleness of a rabbit
This year, the year of tiger, went by at the speed of a tiger leaping toward its prey. With such the speed of a big cat toward its prey, here is the last column of the year from me.

It isnt over yet!
When I was a child, I couldnt wait to get older. Then, age was felt like a military rank: the older, the higher.

Chicken game
Should retailers try and read Cheong Wa Daes mind before determining at what price they should sell their products? It seems the presidential house thinks so.

What did you do Monday?
According to news reports both local and international, most of us South Koreans were supposed to be riding an anxiety roller roaster on Monday afternoon.

New look for Korea
No work, no pay? No. This time, no pay for work. The Dong-gu district in Daejeon had failed to set aside 1.3 billion won for salaries for its employees in December.

Thanks to the trade minister
I have a bad old habit of leaving the television on when I go to sleep.

Disarming intellectual
There is usually something different about people who are so-called leaders. Some inspire. Some are so intellectually superior its hard to not be persuaded. Some are charismatic. And some and this group I think is the most persuasive are ..

Warrior spirit
Two weeks after North Koreas artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island in the West Sea, citizens in the South remain shell-shocked, still ensnared by a collective sense of insecurity, much of it derived from the governments inability evident during..

Specter of war
South Korea deserves a lot of credit for seamlessly hosting the G20 summit on Nov. 11 and 12. For months, a countless number of government officials and police officers as well as volunteers sweated and toiled in preparation for the event.

No more cheeks left to turn
On Nov. 23, North Korea bombarded Yeonpyeong Island in the West Sea with a shower of artillery shells and rockets.

China and belligerent ally
On June 29 during the 2002 South Korea-Japan FIFA World Cup, two North Korean boats crossed the Northern Limit Line (NLL) in the western sea again. South Korean patrol ships approached to deter the infiltration, and the North abruptly opened fire, ..

Reading Lee Kun-hee
Trying to guess what Samsung Group is up to and predicting how it will behave is similar to reading tea leaves. As with tassology, it is completely unscientific and more likely than not simply a wild stab in the dark.

Reflections on G20
Its funny how November of 2010 invoked the days leading up to the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. Obviously, the deepening and fast fading foliage was not the reason.

Forgotten agreement
Prospects of constitutional change during the incumbent administration appear cloudy as the leader of the main opposition party expressed objections to revision of the basic law during President Lee Myung-baks tenure.

Filling the philosophy void
One of the most popular television drama these days is Sungkyunkwan Scandal, a fictional tale about love, coming into age and politics in the Joseon-era educational institution called Sungkyunkwan. The drama has abundant eye candy: flowery p..

A street vendors tale
He sells packs of chewing gum on the street. If its not a rainy day, he can be spotted every afternoon on the corner of the entrance to the Myeongdong commercial district in central Seoul.

A strident power
Chinese trawler captain Zhen Qixiong flashed V-signs when he arrived at his home in a village, Jinjiang City, southeast Chinas Fujian Province, after being released by Japan.

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