Thursday, April 24, 2014 | 7:35 a.m. ET     
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Incorrect English or Imperfect Pronunciation?
In Jon Huer's piece titled ``Is English In Korea Only For Koreans," he managed to write a very lengthy piece on English usage in Korea, even going so far as to call Koreans ``blind people in a blind nation".

Return of America
Asia indeed welcomes the return of the U.S. So kudos for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's commitment to stepping up the American role in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) a welcome move compared to the ``I have better things..

Dangerous Assumption
This is a personal response to Mr. Myers' recent Thoughts of The Times column.

Stream of Ridiculous Musing
Every time I read a piece by Jon Huer, I say to myself, ``what a ridiculous bunch of nonsense," but with his latest article ``Is Korean Language Scientific?" Huer has managed to outdo himself.

Carrot and Stick
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said recently that South Korean men are working in ``high-paying, regular, and professional sectors compared to women.''

To Make Up for Democracy Deficit
In his June 30 article, ``Korea's Democracy Deficit," Andy Jackson raises important questions about Korea's political processes. It seems to me that the central issue here is that of the rule of law.

Reconsider the Direction of Education
Regarding the June 26 editorial, ``Costly Yet Uncompetitive," I strongly agree with the story that President Lee Myung-bak and his administration should enhance the educational quality of public high schools to reduce private tutoring expenses.

HIV Testing on Foreigners
As a South African living in Korea, and coming from a country where HIV has reached pandemic status, I was particularly interested in your article on the immigration requirements for an E-2 visa.

Police Are Real Ambulance Chasers
I am very distressed after reading that Korean police are slapping fines on speeding ambulances. The ambulance drivers already have enough problems trying to navigate their way through uncooperative traffic that refuses to yield so why must the pol..

Solid Romanization System for Hangeul
As a specialist in Korean Buddhism who has been a staunch supporter of efforts to establish a solid, non-diacritical romanization system for rendering hangeul, it was with great disappointment that I read the June 25 article, entitled ``Revamping `..

Attacks in Seoul Street
I am an Australian resident of Japan. As a wife and mother of five Korean citizens, I have great affection for Korea. I admire the sincerity and kindness of Koreans and I constantly look forward to my next trip to Seoul.

Death of Korean Aid Worker
The tragic execution of Eom Young-sun, a South Korean aid worker, reflects the barbarism of Bin Laden-ist jihadism in the Middle East. But it is both empirically inaccurate and morally grotesque to suggest that her slaying reflects South Korea's ri..

Voice Phishing
Nowadays, voice phishing by means of phone calls is a big problem and threatens many families in Korea.

Koreans English Fluency
I really enjoyed reading Jon Huer's recent article about Koreans speaking English and I do agree with him to a certain extent.

Lax Attitude of Airlines Toward Swine Flu
The latest report on an SNU doctor being infected with swine flu (H1N1) is fast emerging as the rule rather than an exception.

False Comparisons and Generalizations
Jon Huer is right to his opinion but not if he creates facts by using generalizations based on his impressions (abstract language). He makes wild claims and comparisons that are completely baseless, lacking in research, and completely false.

Peruvian Society Rejects Violence
I am writing this letter regarding a June 11 article, ``Amazon lndians Challenge Peru," about the recent clashes between the National Police of Peru and some subversive and native groups in the Amazonian region and the city of Bagua.

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