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Speaking Mandarin
It is never easy to travel alone in Korea without a native guide and it can be exasperating to communicate with the locals who are only able to converse in their native language.

On St. Valentines Day
For most people, St. Valentine's Day is a day of affection and confectionary, a day of kisses, candy and flowers. But just as Christmas is about more than gifts, so too does Valentine's Day have a deeper meaning.

Truth Will Set Us Free
Throughout the world, there is a mentality that is gaining broad appeal. This is the thought that an end can justify the means and is legitimate if it promises happiness. However, a means can never be justified even if the ends are sublime.

Haiti Crisis
Contrary to some, Jesus warns us not to see the events taking place in Haiti as somehow the wrath of an angry God. Evil came into the world not by God's willing it, but through the devil and human sin. Natural disasters suggest that our planet its..

Sending Children to Singapore to Study
There are people who have to commute frequently by plane just to visit their loved ones in a foreign land. Most of these people are high income earners who are able to support their family's affluent lifestyle abroad.

US Base Relocation in Okinawa
According to a Kyodo news report, Sen. Daniel Inouye, chairman of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, told a group of Japanese reporters in Washington that Tokyo should not think U.S. patience over the Futenma issue is unlimited and suggested..

Teachers Versus Degrees
I've been teaching in Korea for three years, and am amazed by what I read in the newspapers here and in other Asian countries about teachers.

Does US Need Another Bailout?
The last thing the United States needs is another bailout, especially one for the abortion industry. But unless the final healthcare bill does not have an explicit exclusion of abortion, then the government is going to be bailing out the abortion i..

About Marriage
I wish to express my disappointment with Portugal's Parliament for passing a bill allowing gay marriage. At the same time I commend New Jersey's state Senate in the U.S. for defeating a bill that would have legalized same-sex marriage.

Is It Time to End Jeonse System?
The "jeonse" leasing system, which is unique to Korea, gives free money to the wealthy and retards the development of quality housing in Korea. The argument that Korea cannot afford easier mortgages, as in America, is simply incorrect.

Make Seoul a Better Place to Live
The mayor of Seoul's recent decision to crack down on illegal street vendors is economically controversial, but it seems that this decision was not motivated by economics but by cosmetics: namely, the mayor wants to improve Seoul's image in light o..

Behavior of Taxi Drivers
I wish to inform you of my deep dissatisfaction with the treatment my group received from some of the Seoul taxi drivers on Jan. 2. Six of us all foreigners decided to visit the Namsan Tower.

Teacher Evaluations
It will all end in tears. That's what I thought immediately upon reading of the education ministry's plan to evaluate native English teachers and get rid of the incompetent ones.

Japan Hands Ready With Bad Advice
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently summoned Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki to the State Department and told him that there was no change in the U.S. position regarding the relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps air base at Futenma, ..

No Longer Utopian Vision
A Dec. 30 editorial, ``Asian Currency Union,'' is a note of optimism about the capacity of multilateral regional diplomacy to be proactive and to offer workable solutions to prevent and overcome major potential financial and economic shocks during..

Congratulations on FSSs Win!
In a Korea Times article titled ``Regulators Kick Out KB Chairman Nominee" on Page 2 of its Jan. 1 to 3 issue, I would like to point out the continuation of Korea's backward policy toward financial institutions.

Choose Kids Gifts Wisely
Children in Spain, Mexico and elsewhere in the Hispanic world are looking forward to the celebration of Epiphany on Jan. 6, which commemorates the adoration of the Christ Child by the Three Magi from the East.

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