Wednesday, April 23, 2014 | 8:48 p.m. ET     
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Censor Pornography
We must censor pornography, especially on the Internet, to safeguard the psychological and moral health of society. It is now a known fact that the increase in the number of underage rapists is linked to pornography: its effect is powerful as they ..

Extensive Reading — No Pain and Lots of Gain!
People recognize that students need to take an interest in the English language in a deeper and more meaningful way than just practicing for examinations. I'm sure that Korean English teachers recognize this.

Lies About Legal Abortion
For decades, the decriminalization of abortion has been justified on the basis of reducing maternal deaths from illegal abortions.

Absurd Decision in Many Ways
The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to U.S. President Barack Obama is arguably one of the most absurd awards that the Nobel Committee has ever made. Highly patronizing it will be received with incredulity around the world. In fact, there's rarely be..

Lots of Luck Needed for the Mission
Awarding the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to U.S. President Barack Obama was indeed a surprise. I would not be stunned though if in fact, I fully expect a deluge of criticisms and condemnations from right-wing columnists, bloggers and reactionary g..

Intern Teacher System
Nowadays, the intern teacher system is a hot issue in the world of education. Students attending education colleges demonstrated against this system in Seoul on Sept. 25. But the government and the students continue to oppose each other and hold di..

Too Much Work for Kids
I would like to talk about the system of studying, which young Korean elementary school students have to adhere to in schools.

Contaminating Women
Carl Djerassi, father of the contraceptive pill, has regretted his invention and has blamed it for the demographic catastrophe and the terrible imbalance of the present population.

On Religious Freedom
Oct. 1 marked the 60th anniversary of communist oppression in mainland China. The nation's Marxist government falsely presents itself as the authentic spokesman for the aspirations of the people, and claims to be able, though by recourse to violent..

Miscalculated Assumption
I must admit I was extremely intrigued when I saw a Sept. 22 article, ``Unified Korea to Exceed G7 in 2050,'' regarding Goldman Sachs analyst Kwon Goo-hoon's projection of a possible unified Korea's GDP in 2050.

Criticism and Tolerance
2PM's leader Jae-beom lost his face and left the country. All this because of a fairly mild comment he wrote on his Web page four years ago. Korean netizens ferociously hunted him down like a pack of wolves.

Lack of Understanding of Legal Process
A Sept. 12-13 Korea Times article, ``US Company Drops Commercial Cloning,'' regarding BioArts dropping its cloning business needs some clarification about the intellectual property surrounding cloning.

Misunderstanding and Miscommunications
This letter is in response to an Aug. 11 opinion piece written by Alexander Washko under the title of ``Disgrace and Humiliation.''

Marking WWII Anniversary
Sept. 2 marked the 70th anniversary of the first shots fired in World War II when Poland was invaded by German troops. We might have expected that such expressions of man's inhumanity to man ultimately might have conferred upon our societies the wi..

Remarkable Triumph Against Adversity
The death of Nobel Laureate Kim Dae-jung has been headline news in England and around the world. When I read more about him in newspaper obituaries here in London, I was struck by the setbacks and struggles he had had to overcome over his lifetime.

Honoring Kim Dae-jung From Manila
I am a simple Filipino citizen in Manila. However, my heart is also Korean in the sense that I have adoptive parents who are highly educated Koreans. They are now in their advanced senior years and are staying in Korea. They lived here in Manila fo..

Its About Time for Action
I am here in Korea as a tourist by definition. But I am also a traveler, or an adventurer, sometimes. I mainly travel to experience life outside of my homeland, although seeing a few important landmarks here and there wouldn't normally harm.

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US Navy joins ferry rescue operation
Russian politician yells Rape her to pregnant journalist
Ferry captain may be charged with homicide
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`Koreans should adhere more to rules to avoid second Sewol'
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