Tuesday, February 9, 2016 | 6:46 p.m. ET     
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Re: Defending Kim Jong-un
As the recent opinion article titled, Defending Kim Jong-un, written by Donald Kirk in The Korea Times may have caused some misunderstanding among readers of an article contributed by former U.S. Amb. Donald Gregg and published by the East Asia..

Re: 'American mistake' editorial
One point that was a bit out of sync with the otherwise high tone of the piece was the specific mention of one current U.S. presidential candidate as a bogeyman for future troubles (and very early in that selection process as well!). The current U...

Regarding Gulf states' concern for refugees
We, the heads of missions of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf in Korea, would like to refer to the article 'Silent Gulf States' and the cartoon published in The Korea Times on Sept. 11, 2015.

Sex slaves, not comfort women
The name of a specific historical event should deliver a clear description of the incident; particularly in case of atrocities, readers or listeners must be able to indisputably identify victims and perpetrators. From the Greek holos and kaustos me..

Amnesty International misguided
Denouncing the South Korean government's imprisonment of "conscientious objectors" to military service, Amnesty International has recently called for an immediate review of "alternative service" instead of uniformed conscription.

I would like to take issue with Henry Seggermans article, A historical context for ISIS (Korea Times, April 9, 2015). While there are some interesting points in his opinion piece that deserve debate, he has got his basic facts wrong on Syrian ..

Korea's driving culture
Korea has shown remarkable growth in auto production and sales over the last three decades. Korea ranks 10th in auto production since 2005, and Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors combined sales stand in the global top five since 2010. Their combined sa..

Native English teachers and Korean students
Shocking as it is that a female English teacher from South Africa openly poisoned students in a Korean school, it may be one indicator of some long-standing racist sentiment held by some. It is not something that Korean people can change, but it is..

The future of humankind
By ironic coincidence, the very informative article titled: "The future of force" by professor Joseph S. Nye from Harvard University was published (Feb. 16) during the week in which a draft resolution for the 70th anniversary of the end of the Worl..

Need for more democratic education
I am proud of studying at one of the Republic of Koreas many esteemed universities. The pool of knowledgeable faculty members as well as talented students and researchers is an eternal source of inspiration. Acknowledging the great potential and ..

Vigilance against abusers
"The Interview" has truly stimulated much ado. Centered around a CIAplot to assassinate Kim Jong-un and usher in a new democratic order, the satirical film has called on many to revisit the realms of freedom of speech.

Abolish early graduation policy in high school
Science high schools have intensive education curricula, students who attend these can graduate in two years. The policy has advantages, in that students have more time than other students. But I think there are also disadvantages, so early graduat..

Low interest rates and entrepreneurship
Monetary and financial policies dominate economic conditions. The former remains at the heart of focus today as the Bank of Korea (BOK) struggles to strengthen its identity as an effective institution insular from political clout.

Need for more attention to unpopular sports
Do you know who Kim Hyung-jun is?

About silence on OPCON
In the Oct. 30 editorial titled, "Silence on OPCON," the South Korean government's decision to put off its takeover from the United States of what critics describe as "military sovereignty" is depicted as "dereliction of duty" by President Park Geu..

The uncanny dichotomy
Blaming "foreign forces" whenever calls for democracy erupt is a classic pattern of denunciation demonstrated by one-party states or de facto totalitarian regimes such as China. It sees everything in either black or white; good or evil, with us or ..

WWF's correct message to the world
I was very happy to see the picture of the three WWF representatives holding the newly released Korean and English versions of the "Living Planet Report 2014" in the Oct. 2 edition of The Korea Times. Thank you. I was hoping to read an article as w..

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China summons South Korean ambassador over THAAD decision
North Korean patrol boat crosses NLL in Yellow Sea
Security Council condemns NK rocket launch
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Analysts refute China's opposition to US shield in S. Korea
Foreign Minister Yun to visit UN, Germany this week over North Korea sanctions
'NK satellite successfully placed into orbit:' Defense Ministry
European countries condemn North Korea launch in unison
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