Friday, October 31, 2014 | 3:10 p.m. ET     
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The uncanny dichotomy
Blaming "foreign forces" whenever calls for democracy erupt is a classic pattern of denunciation demonstrated by one-party states or de facto totalitarian regimes such as China. It sees everything in either black or white; good or evil, with us or ..

WWF's correct message to the world
I was very happy to see the picture of the three WWF representatives holding the newly released Korean and English versions of the "Living Planet Report 2014" in the Oct. 2 edition of The Korea Times. Thank you. I was hoping to read an article as w..

Prohibition of marijuana
Im gratified to see Thursday's Korea Times marijuana story positioned where it belongs, under a front page headline. I hope you will follow it up by demonstrating the kind of editorial courage that, in other dailies from other times and places ha..

What does it mean when US Post office recognizes Dokdo?
What does it mean when US Post office recognizes Dokdo? I have been fascinated by the beauty of Dokdo for many years: the rocks, the shapes, the colors, and the inherent splendor. As a teacher, I have led discussions on this topic in class and it a..

Preventing next war in Mideast
There have now been three wars between Gaza and Israel in the past six years. If nothing is done to stop the protagonist - the Islamic resistance army more commonly known as Hamas - then the only certain future for the area is that there will be an..

Running to extremes
With regard to an editorial titled "Thanks, World Cup," I saw how the World Cup brought changes to the Koreans that might seem meaningful. However, I could not neglect the traits of the people that this sports event revealed. It seems everything is..

Unfair cartoon
I respectfully protest the cartoon you published on your opinion pages on July 24 depicting Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an obstacle to peace. The cartoon was inaccurate, unfair and, arguably, anti-Semitic.

Why not women cabinet
I wouldn't ask for the formation of an all-female Cabinet but the current problem with the selection of Cabinet members would be solved by nominating female candidates. Why? We have a proud female president. Women nominees for any minister position..

Cautioning against armed Japan
Regarding Japan's recent move to overturn its pacifist defense policy: Japans recent move to amend provisions of its postwar Constitution, which bans mobilization of its armed forces to settle disputes overseas is more alarming than it looks.

Shaking hands with China
On Oct. 19, 1950, at the peak of Korean War, Pyongyang fell to U.N. forces, and the two Koreas were just about to be unified under the jurisdiction of the U.N. and South Korea. On the same day, the People's Volunteer Army (PVA) crossed the Yalu Riv..

When child is born so are grandparents
Jane Han, reporting from New York for The Korea Times, now a happy and busy mother of twin girls, said in her Mom Spot column on June 21 that her grandparents, who came from Korea, treated her babies with complete lenience. And the young mother was..

Double-faced government
I have become increasingly angry by what recently happened; two plainclothes policemen had dogged the bereaved families without any agreement until they were spotted. It appears that the authorities of the Korean police think that they are above th..

Time to stop blaming government, crew
The whole country has blood on its hands and is responsible for the ferry disaster. People need to stop blaming the government and the Sewol crew and instead concentrate their efforts on eradicating the ills that plague Korean society: corruption, ..

'I pushed my daughter into water'
Mr. Huh, a 50-year-old factory worker, has seen several female corpses every time rescue divers brought bodies back from the sunken ferry Sewol and onto the rescue wharf. He believes his daughter will come back to him as there are still some 20 pas..

Complaints about Gmarket
I am a Hong Kong customer of Gmarket. I ordered a few winter clothes and cosmetics on Gmarket in November 2013. However, due to some problems of Gmarket delivery, I still did not receive my parcel (now in May 2014).

Leaning building of Asan
A leaning officetel (office-hotel) in Asan, south of Seoul, shown on the page 3 of The Korea Times (May 13) resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the freestanding 56 meter tall bell tower known worldwide for its unintended tilt to one side. The Towe..

Public response to disast
An article written by Lee Chang-sup on May 2 touches on the deepest part of the nation's heart, and my mind as an expat who dearly loves this country. It shows insight in the analysis and incompleteness in the resolution of the Sewol tragedy, which..

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