Wednesday, April 23, 2014 | 6:14 p.m. ET     
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Side thruster and equilibrium
The large hole, about 2 meters in diameter, in the bow hull of the sunken ferry Sewol, shown in the photo (page 4, Apr. 18, The Korea Times) is called a bow thruster. Its not a rescue hole, and it does not provide access to inside the bulkhead. T..

Virginia governor deserves recognition
After much fuss about whether it is appropriate for a state legislature to intervene in what is a dispute between two countries, Korea and Japan, over the name of a body of water, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has finally signed into law the Ea..

Suppression of acts of nuclear terrorism
I refer to the topical article "Summit aims to counter nuclear terrorism threat" by Andrew Hammond, published by The Korea Times, in the opinion page on March 21 which is focused on the third Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in The Hague, Netherlands.

Positive responses to KOTRA ad
I am writing in response to the Feb.19 story, Chopsticks ad puzzles some foreigners.

Japan's Re-examination of apology
The decision by Japan to re-examine the apology it made to women who were forced to work in the Japanese military comfort zones in World War II could further upset South Korea and the former "comfort women" across Korea, on the Chinese Mainland, in..

Reunification - jackpot or bonanza?
It is impossible to achieve reunification unless the two Koreas can first end the Korean War which remains at a ceasefire and has done so since 1953. That is the prerequisite to make any improvement between the two Koreas. Can Ban Ki-moon help end ..

Challenging but unavoidable reform
I am afraid that your interview article with me on Korea's electricity pricing ("Higher electricity rate needed for reduction of carbon dioxide," Feb. 27) fails to convey my position on the issue more fully. Korea's electricity prices, set by the g..

Need for native English editors
I'd like to comment on an article entitled "What's in a ministry name?" written by Lee Chang-sup.

Just a modern-day Don Quixote
I strongly disagree with the 12-year prison sentence for opposition lawmaker Lee Seok-ki. The South Korean government is acting just like North Korea in imprisoning an activist for exercising his freedom of speech.

Speaking against Daoists
Regarding the article that prompted debate on the role of Daoism as a philosophy for the future (Jan 6, "Daoism: the philosophy for the future" by Chung Min-uck), a critical review of Professor Choi Jin-seok's arguments remains unavoidable.

Understanding plight of defectors
Recently, I read a column entitled "Let's embrace North Korean defectors, written by The Korea Times Executive Managing Director Lee Chang-sup. I couldn't agree with him more, especially about his conclusion in the article which, in brief, read..

Bright future for Myanmar
Recently I have been in the habit of looking closely at articles on Myanmar. According to these, the country is eager to open to foreign countries, such as holding international sports events and hosting meetings.

Pakistan shares non-proliferation objectives of international community
This is with reference to the story headlined South Korea, India to share intel on North Korea, Pakistan carried in the Jan. 17 edition of The Korea Times. The story cites unnamed sources as stating that the Republic of Korea and India are to s..

No better time to act
Regarding the recent credit card fiasco that panicked millions of innocent customers, time is more than ripe for concrete action rather than the hollow rhetoric of a sincere apology.

Who are you?
With regard to a story titled "Can blood type decide character?" I came to think about the correlation between blood types and personality traits.

Navigating in the troubled waters of 2014
I refer to the article titled 2014 could be game-changing year (KT, Opinion, Jan. 16)

Privatization, competition and price-fixing
In theory presuming more than one actor in industry, privatization invites competition for corporations primarily pursuing maximizing profits. Despite the widely-discussed concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the foremost objective of ..

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