Posted : 2016-12-14 16:28
Updated : 2016-12-14 16:28

Kim Jong-un's alcoholic blackout leaves officers crying

An estimated 164 North Korean members of the Workers' Party of Korea have been executed since Kim Jong-un's rise to power in 2011. / Courtesy of Twitter

By Lee Han-soo

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's drunken rage ― followed by a total blackout ― has caused fear and tears among high-ranking North Korean military officials, according to Tokyo Shimbun, a Japanese daily, Tuesday.

Citing an unidentified source, the outlet reported that last September Kim summoned the military officials after getting drunk, calling them "traitor's of the nation" for not being able to develop a military satellite.

"Not being able to develop one military satellite is the same as committing treason," Kim allegedly said during his drunken rant.

Afterward, he forced the officials to write letters of apology all night.

But when Kim woke the next morning, he was totally unaware of his outburst.

"Why are you all gathered here?" Kim said to the military officials. "All of you are old and should look after yourselves."

After hearing Kim's morning greeting, the officials allegedly cried and Kim left satisfied, believing they were touched by his kindness, the report said.

"The military officials probably cried because of the sudden release of tension of being executed," said the anonymous North Korean source. "Everyone is showing loyalty out of fear of being executed and no one dares speak against Kim."

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