Posted : 2009-03-09 16:04
Updated : 2009-03-09 16:04

Look Fresh, But Not Too Freshman

Mago’s preppy vest and brooch available at
By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

As spring is here, freshmen and new recruits begin to look forward to testing out their new fashions and meeting new people, an important step in life during the transitional period from high school to college or from college to the workplace.

Freshmen and new recruits tend to make mistakes such as wearing hasty high heels, a full dress and caked-on makeup. Learn to wear makeup and dress correctly to create a good image this season.


Fashion represents who you are. Even though there's nothing wrong with being a freshman, there is something wrong with your clothes saying it for you.

To impress your seniors, you'd better highlight your freshness rather than maturity with clear skin, not colored, full-on makeup.

For clear skin makeup, apply a makeup base first and then lightly apply BB cream, which is short for blemish balm cream, or foundation, to even out the complexion and conceal blemishes and give a dewy finish while moisturizing and providing sun protection to the skin.

Use the powder and then make highlights with pearly powders on the T-zone if your makeup doesn't look thick enough.

Hydro Splash BB Cream (10,900 won), offered by the Face Shop, contains 70 percent moisture, keeping the skin more dewy and soft. Also, Cleanface White Night Spot Eraser (8,800 won) is effective in concealing the spots made from skin troubles and various blemishes and brightening dark complexions without the stickiness.

Etude House's Peach Skin Pact (13,000 won) is a baked pact that contains pearly powders, making the skin glossy and moisturized. And Skin Food's Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream (8,000 won) covers and treats the appearance of serious dark under-eye circles without being too greasy.

But for freshmen, dressing up for class is overdoing it. Get the simple preppy look with a mini plaid or denim skirt matching casual T-shirt and sporty jacket with a retro-patterned scarf or colorful knee socks.

Mago's preppy vest and brooch (29,800 won), available at, creates a dandy and simple image with a slim waistline design.

Bean Pole's sky-blue casual T-shirt (98,000 won) is a modern look with solid colors and a pleasant touch.

New Recruits

A hasty change from student to rookie is not recommended. Many rookies attempt to wear heavy makeup to shed their unfledged image, but first impressions determine your career.

In the workplaces, showing confidence is crucial in impressing colleagues and bosses.

Properly drawing eyebrows is the first step in making your impression. Too much shaving and drawing a strong angle eyebrow looks artificial. The first step to shape your eyebrows is to mark where your eyebrows begin and end.

It is important to figure out the exact color you should use on your eyebrows to match your hair color exactly.

The eyebrow pencil is the most common product to use on one's eyebrows. However, it can look harsh, so be sure to have a sharp point for easier application. For a more natural look, use short soft strokes and remember to blend with a firm eyebrow brush.

Extreme Volume Mascara-Lash Stretch (10,900 won) by the Face Shop helps your eyelashes look longer and lustrous. Diamond Shine Lip Gloss (5,500 won) presents dramatic shiny luster on nature colors.

Ohui Color Light Eye Shadow (35,000 won) helps shadow color last long with soft and fine powders.

Making smart style choices is important, and clothing is a good avenue to represent who you are. Use it to create an image for yourself that you are comfortable and confident.

Buying a jacket or a skirt separately rather than a suit of clothes is useful in matching items. Avoid too many frills and ribbons and use H-line skirts, black jackets and white shirts for a dandy, simple look. For one-pieces, choose pastel-toned colors such as white and beige, which looks more comfortable with flat shoes or medium heels rather than high heels.

She's Bella's Flower Corsage Flat Shoes (39,800 won) on have various pastel colors and a cozy feeling, with a detachable corsage that can be used for diverse purposes, such as formal and semi-casual looks.

List's H-line skirt (78,000 won) is a basic item to match with any type of upper garments, suitable for the career women.
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