Posted : 2007-06-25 17:19
Updated : 2007-06-25 17:19

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Impressive Vocals

Pop superstar Christina Aguilera shows off her vocal range during her ``Back to Basics'' concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul, Saturday evening. It was Aguilera's first time to hold a solo concert in Seoul. / Yonhap
By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

American pop superstar Christina Aguilera wowed Korean audiences during her two concerts in Seoul over the weekend, living up to her reputation as one of best voices in the pop music world.

Aguilera's first concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Olympic Park on Saturday attracted a sizeable crowd. The concert was part of her ``Back to Basics'' Asian tour.

The show started one hour and 20 minutes later than the 7 p.m. schedule, due to Aguilera's delayed flight from Tokyo on Saturday. Despite the delay, the crowd roared with excitement once the white curtains on stage were raised at 8:20 p.m. Clad in an all-white pantsuit and hat, Aguilera came down a lighted staircase with her dancers while giving a show-stopping performance of ``Ain't No Other Man.''

The Grammy award-winning singer's phenomenal voice reverberated throughout the concert venue. Aguilera performed most of the songs from her jazz and blues-inspired album ``Back to Basics,'' such as ``Back in the Day,'' ``Slow Down Baby,'' and ``Candyman.'' An excellent band, singers and dancers backed her up, helping keep the show's momentum going.

She even performed jazzed up versions of her hit songs like ``Come on Over,'' and ``What a Girl Wants,'' making them almost unrecognizable to fans.

To match the retro-jazz sound of her music, she looked like a glamorous Hollywood girl from the 1930s, with her soft blonde curls, red lips, sexy costumes and high heels.

Aguilera showed a softer, emotional side, saying she wrote ``Oh Mother,'' a song about domestic violence, for her own mother. She also dedicated ``Still Dirrty,'' for ``all the women who are sick of the double standards for men and women."

``Thank you so much for all those who have stayed true as my fans since `What a Girl Wants.' Your support means the world to me. Thanks for making me smile today. I appreciate that,'' she told the crowd.

Aguilera turned up the sex appeal when she sang ``Dirrty'' while wearing a lacy teddy and sitting on a carousel horse. She also performed the hit song ``Lady Marmalade'' from the film ``Moulin Rouge.''

To end the show, she gave a stirring performance of ``Beautiful,'' and a rocking rendition of ``Fighter'' that had everyone cheering.

Even though the show was only an hour and a half, Aguilera's concert was definitely a world-class production. There was even a circus scene with trapeze artists, stilt walkers and fire-wielding performers.

K-pop singer Ivy was the opening act for Aguilera's concert on Saturday. M, also known as Shinhwa's Lee Min-woo, performed on Sunday.

Aguilera will continue her Asian tour, performing in Shanghai on June 26, Bangkok on June 28 and Manila on July 6.
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