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47th Modern Korean Literature Translation Awards
The Korea Times will hold the 47th Korean Literature Translation Awards in 2016.

Translation Awards winners honored
Sophie Bowman from the U.K. started learning Korean eight years ago as a second language because she thought it was exotic. She soon fell in love with Korean literature, and started to translate Korean literature into English. Her translation of Ji..

commendation award 3
Park Chul-hwan is an in-house translator and Christine Kwon is a freelance translator. Former co-workers, the two decided to try translating as a team because of their shared interest in literature. "While somewhat nervous about the critical feedba..

Commendation award 2
Helen Cho received both her bachelors and masters degrees in English Literature from University College London, the United Kingdom. She currently works as a freelance translator and broadcaster based in Seoul and regularly participates in liter..

Commendation award 1
Jung Sl-in completed the Regular Course at the Literature Translation Institute of Korea in 2014. Jung is the winner of the 13th Korean Literature Translation Award for New Career Translators. She is currently in the Interpretation and Translation ..

Grand prize in poetry
Sophie Bowman is a translator and masters student of Korean literature at Ewha Womans University. She has attended the regular course, special course and translation atelier at the translation academy of the Literature Translation Institute of Kore..

Korea Times Translation Awards 2015: Judges' Report
What are the judges in The Korea Times Translation Awards expected to look for? The answer might seem obvious: the best translations among those submitted. But how are we going to decide whether a translation is good and what is going to make o..

Winners of 46th Modern Korean Literature Translation Awards
The Korea Times is pleased to announce the winners of the 46th Modern Korean Literature Translation Awards.

46th Modern Korean Literature Translation Awards
The Korea Times will hold the 46th Korean Literature Translation Awards in 2015.

Kim-Chandler duo wins 45th Translation Awards
The team of Kim Jin-ah and Seth Chandler received the grand prize at the 45th Modern Korean Literature Translation Awards for their work on the novel "On Slowness" by Kim Sum, at a ceremony at the Lotte Hotel in central Seoul, Thursday.

Korean Literature Translation Award winners


[45th Translation Awards] Commendation Awards: Poems by Choi Seung-ja

Written by Choi Seung-ja

The following is an excerpt from the translation by Kim Sun-kyoung.

[45th Translation Awards] Commendation Awards: 'Monsoon'
The electricity was to be cut off for two hours, from 8 to 10 p.m. The previous summer there had been a problem with the supply. A typhoon had caused an unexpected power outage. Although power was quickly restored to normal the same problem arose w..

[45th Translation Awards] Commendation Awards: 'Nana Before Dawn'
Leo stopped and turned around. Someone had touched him on the shoulder, not accidentally but intimately, as if the person knew him and needed to speak to him. But behind him were nothing but rows of flickering neon signs, stray dogs stretched listl..

[45th Translation Awards] Grand Prize: 'On Slowness'
Every night I managed to find an excuse to go into my older brothers room. I said that I had come for a radio that I would not listen to or a novel that he had already read as I knocked on his closed door. He was lying down in the dark room with ..

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