Posted : 2009-01-29 16:36
Updated : 2009-01-29 16:36

(28) Saju Tells Whether You Are Strong or Weak

By Janet Shin

When we analyze one's saju, we need to judge first whether the saju is strong or weak. The will to overcome adversity, whether it is difficult or easy, depends on the power of the saju. As learned, the day master (day stem) determines the characteristics of a person. For example, gap wood is stubborn and straightforward, and owing to this superficial fact, we may assume that gap people are strong.

However, once gap people get too much pressure from life and when they are frustrated by the burden of sorrow, they often escape from the world and hide themselves. So on top of understanding the personality of a day master, we also need to know whether the person is strong or not by analyzing the power of a day master.

At the same time, we may apply it to other elements in the saju. Namely, if a person has a strong knowledge star in good relationship with a day master, this person will be well-educated and live respectful life. If a person has a money star in good relationship with a day master but it doesn't have roots in the branches, this person may earn the money at some point of his life but can't hold the money fortune for long.

If a person has a weak career star, or the career star conflicts with other elements, we consider this person as rather a freelancer than works for the company.

Let's study how we know this:

``Root and Penetration'' is one of the most important parts in saju study to begin with. This is a ground to judge whether the day stem is strong or not, what the strongest element in one's saju is and what is the weakest.

1. Root ― the celestial stem can take root in the terrestrial branches of a same element.

2. Penetration ― the inclusions of terrestrial branches penetrates through the celestial stems of the same element.

The celestial stem (day master), gap wood takes root in hae (gap wood is contained-middle energy in hae water). Also, gap wood of hae water goes through the day master of this saju, gap wood. We can tell this person has a strong will.

Both mu earth and gap wood can root in jin earth, because they root in mu and eul respectively, which are included in jin branch. If we choose which is stronger, it is mu earth because mu earth is the regular energy of jin earth ― regular energy (the last inclusion of a branch) is the strongest among others (residue and middle inclusions). Mu is a money star for gap wood, so we can estimate that this person will accumulate lots of money in his life.

Then, what is the strongest stem?

1.The stem is strong when it is rooted in terrestrial branch; the more, the stronger

2.When other stems are also rooted in terrestrial branches; those rooted in month branch is stronger; Month>Time>Day>Year

3.Regular inclusion of the branch is stronger than other inclusions to root; Regular energy > other inclusions

4.If it is rooted in the branch that is damaged, the stem cannot be strong.

According to this theory, a celestial stem that is rooted in the month branch is stronger than the stem that is rooted in the time branch. Saju considers the month branch very important. The month branch means the season and circumstances when the person was born.

For example, if the month branch is O fire, this person's saju is basically hot. Consequently, this person's saju requires water energy to balance the power. So we need to evaluate if this person's saju has some water energy and examine the condition of the water energy. If the day master is wood (either gap or eul) and it was born in the month of sin (7th month of lunar calendar) or yu (8th month), which are the month of metal, this person is weak, because metal breaks the wood. Although the person (wood) is born in the metal month that restrains the day master, if the restraining element is proper and balanced with other elements, the person will live in a stable life, especially his or her career path is fortunate. You may expand your knowledge about saju to read the fate one by one as we will study five stars (friend, knowledge, expression, money and career cycles) in the saju starting from next week.

*Think about…

We may get some hints from the ``Time'' concept. You may consider the day branch is more important than the time branch because it's the bigger unit. But we must know where they originated.

The year can be formed from 12 months. The day can be formed from 24 hours. In other words, the month makes the year and the time makes the day.

Then, if the day makes the month, why the month branch is stronger than the day branch?

The year and month are formed by the earth orbit's motion. On the other hand, day and time are formed by the fact that earth revolves on its axis. So there is no connection in the formation between month and day.

The writer is the president of the Heavenly Garden, a saju research center in Korea. She is the author of the book titled ``Learning Four Pillars." She offers saju learning courses to open for people who are interested. For more information, visit her Web site ( or email to
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