Posted : 2012-02-09 18:13
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(175) Ill-fated relationship

By Janet Shin

In our lives, we encounter relationships that end up disintegrating over something not so serious at first. We may just consider it bad luck after losing face. One has to pay more effort to restore the loss of faith in many cases. The seemingly good personality is seen under a new light after certain incidents that ruined a shaky relationship. If they read their saju before it’s too late, they should be able to get their hearts ready and avoid the worst case scenario.

There was an entangled affair in a family. A woman lived a normal life without having anything to seriously worry about. But she had a brother who didn’t adjust himself to society and kept committing petty crimes. Although he was in his fifties, he was constantly imprisoned and there were no scruples about it.

Meanwhile, this woman (we will call her “A”) got to know another woman (“B”). They became close like sisters and shared their thoughts. They found that they were on the same wavelength and saw each other quite often. Surprisingly, woman B fell in love with A’s brother. At first, A couldn’t believe the fact but B got A’s permission to live together with him. The couple happily started to live together. It was in summer, last year.

I got a call from woman A, early this year. She was gasping with agitation. She asked me to listen to her story but it was all scrambled because she was overwhelmed with emotion. I had her tell me the birthdays first so that I could read the saju and let her continue the story. To make a long story short, woman B realized the man didn’t match well with her and complained about it to A. It was a matter of trust and she blamed A for not having told her everything about him. Besides, B required compensation for her emotional injury. Of course, their previous amicable relationship had already broken.

I didn’t need to hear more after reading the saju. Their saju were telling me details about what happened. Their fates became entangled with the year fortune of 2011.

Woman A was born with yang metal energy. Yang metal people are decisive and want to be recognized as loyal. They value faith highly and hate to lose face.

Meanwhile they are sometimes not good communicators. Especially in this case, A does not have any expression star.

On the other hand, woman B was born with yin wood energy. Yin wood people are self-stressed and have a hard time in seeking solutions for the problems they have. They can seem rather calculating. When they have various metal elements around the day master, they are often stricken with a victim mentality. They assume that metal elements may hurt them, as knives or scissors hack flowers to pieces.

The year 2011 was that of yin wood (rabbit). In the years of rabbit, saju masters pay special attention to the lives of people who have yin metals in their saju. It is because of the fierce clash between the yin metal and wood. It applies to those who were born in the years of the rooster (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981 and 1993) and also others who have yin metals in their saju. Woman A was born in the year of 1957, so she has a yin metal in her year branch. Woman B has a yin metal in her month branch.

The metal element signifies a friend star for woman A because her day master is metal, while it is a career star for woman B, who has a wood day master. The friend star also represents siblings while the career star is a boy friend or husband. If we put the pieced information together, we may easily draw a story line of what happened to these two women.

Woman A has a clash between her friend star and 2011’s wood energy (money). Woman B has a clash between her career star (boyfriend) and 2011’s energy (friend star).

In conclusion, both were hurt. One lost her friend and money, while the other lost her boyfriend. According to their saju, it was meant to be. Should they have known this, were they prepared for or did they avoid the worst? The answer was written in their saju.

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The writer is the president of the Heavenly Garden, a saju research center in Korea, and the author of “Learning Four Pillars”.
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